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The Dapper Gentleman’s Coffee Kit

Every gentleman needs his own coffee kit, whether he decides to buy a full coffee station or an all-in-one machine. Today, we cover some of the essentials the modern gentleman needs, so he can enjoy his own coffee setup for a long time to come.

The Grinder

One of the essential parts of any gentleman’s coffee station is the grinder, which is used to blend your coffee into the masterpiece the gentleman desires. There are two main types of grinders to choose from to create this masterpiece, more specifically the burr grinder and the blade grinder.

The blade grinder is characterized by blades in the center of the device. The blades almost look like a propeller, but variations of this basic design are possible too. Most of these grinders are driven by a motor as well, so you will this with most modern blade grinders.

Burr grinders may perform the same function as the blade grinder, but they are inherently different. The burr coffee grinder often refers to the vintage coffee grinder, which had to be operated manually. However, there are modern versions too nowadays, which have a motor.

The main difference between the blade grinder and the burr grinder is the grinding mechanism. While the blade grinder has the propeller-like mechanism, the burr grinder contains two revolving abrasive surfaces.

We must also mention that the burr grinder has various subtypes these days; this includes the flat burr and the conical burr. Still, quality burr grinders will provide you with the results you want, whether you choose conical or flat.

Coffee Machine

Unless you prefer to make your coffee the old-fashioned way, you will need a decent coffee machine to make your coffee. There are thousands of machines to choose from, but only a handful can deliver the quality you desire. So, be sure to check in with other coffee experts to determine the best option for your home coffee station.

Great Coffee

When it comes to having the best coffee station in your home, you certainly cannot look over the quality of coffee you obtain. Fortunately, there are some golden rules you can stick to when choosing the best coffee for your needs, and here they are!

One of the things to get familiar with is the strength of coffee beans. While some people may claim that darker coffee beans tend to be stronger than lightly-colored coffee beans, this is not always the case. So, when you want the strongest coffee, be sure to compare the strength levels of the coffee beans you want to obtain.

Strength can also be measured in various degrees. Firstly, you have strong coffees with earthy notes, but also some with tobacco flavor, bitterness, savory notes, and high caffeine levels. So, when you want good coffee for your coffee station, it is important to determine which type of strength is most important to you.

We also recommend buying your coffee beans from a specialist shop, like Kimbos organic coffee – since some coffee beans available in supermarkets are not always stored appropriately. While there might be some supermarkets that store their coffee beans properly, it is essential to check the storage methods implemented by the store you intend on using.

Coffee Carts

Gentlemen who are serious about creating the best coffee station in their own home should certainly look at some coffee carts or a side table. By obtaining these items, you can keep your coffee in its own dedicated spot, opposed to mixing it with some of the other items in your kitchen. Of course, you can also build a dedicated coffee cupboard to match your personalized coffee station.

Essential Supplies

While you may already have considered the essentials such as a good grinder, coffee machine, and coffee, you may have forgotten about other essential supplies the gentleman needs for a superior coffee station.

Ideally, you want a dedicated spot for everything on your coffee station; this means separate bowls and jars for your sugar, but also a place to store those valuable coffee beans! Many coffee enthusiasts recommend storing valuable coffee beans in a dedicated glass jar, since this adds a unique touch to the beans when they are used.

Gentlemen who are passionate about coffee should also have a supply of napkins on their coffee station. The napkins do not only look fancy when coffee is served, they could come in handy when serving additional nibbles with your coffee as well.

Lights On!

While it may not be the first thing to consider for your coffee station, lighting is important too. Without the proper lighting, your coffee creation could easily turn into a nightmare, but some atmospheric lighting could also create that cozy feeling a fresh cup of coffee is known for.

Choose a Theme

Another thing every gentleman must consider is the theme of his coffee station. While it may be tempting to buy all the things you need for your station and not worry about the theme until later, choosing your theme early can make everything come together much better.

There are various themes that prove popular among modern day gentlemen. Rustic and industrial styles are most popular, but you could also consider other styles such as modern and vintage. So, before you choose the theme, check up on some styles online to determine the style that fits best.

When choosing a theme, make sure you do not forget about the interior of your kitchen. For example, if you have an ultra-modern kitchen, then a rustic coffee station might not blend that well with your overall interior.

Consider the Location!

Most people will put their coffee station in the kitchen, but the modern gentleman can place his coffee station in other locations too. For example, adding a themed coffee station in your living room can certainly add a lot of style and atmosphere to the room. So, do not always choose the mainstream option and consider other locations for your new coffee station. Don’t follow trends, make trends instead!