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Best International Wine Festivals You Should Be Attending

During your leisure time, you’re free to get around your town and unwind. One of the best ways is to have freshly baked bread from the local bakery with a brie or roquefort cheese, and a glass of your favorite wine.

These ideas are fun, but nothing is more fun than going to a wine festival. Aside from the many different wines you can have, seeing more people enjoying the festivity around is always a great experience.

However, wine festivals in your city may happen only once a year and there are times you will want to go popular wine events, especially if they’re world renown. Nevertheless, you can travel to some countries and other places that celebrate wine festivals as there are many options you can choose from.

Today, we will be exploring further the best international wine festivals you should be attending this 2017.

  1. Grape Harvest Festival Argentina

The Grape Harvest Festival Argentina is a week-long festival in which you can witness several activities. It’s held in Mendoza, which is the most popular wine region in Argentina. During the festival, there are some parties and parades where people can do tasting of wines right from the vineyards.

Before the festival proper takes place, there is a crowning of the festival queen of the year. A prayer is also led by one of the organizers in honor of the patron saint of the festival.

  1. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Melbourne, Australia is known for their great cuisine, restaurants, and bars. The city is visited by many traveler’s year round; however, Melbourne is much more fun during their own version of the food & wine festival.

The locals celebrate this festival for two weeks. During the festival, there are 250 tasting events you can attend. The highlight of the festival is the World’s Longest Lunch. This is an event where people can eat together along 1,300-foot table.


  1. GrapeFest

GrapeFest is a wine festival held in the Lone Star State of Texas, which is known as the fifth largest wine-producing state in America. In this festival, there is a grape stomping contest and cooking demos in which recipes include a variety of wines.

The most exciting part of the festival is when wine producers start offering various samples of wines for tasting. There are both small to large wine producers, and typically the number of participant’s averages around 250,000 people.

  1. International Pinot Noir Celebration

The International Pinot Noir Celebration is a wine festival that is held in Willamette Valley in Oregon. This is a vineyard that runs 160 miles, and is said it’s where you can find the best pinots in the world. The festival is only for three days, yet you can enjoy activities such as wine pairing and wine tasting in the vineyard.

  1. Boston Wine Expo

Boston Wine Expo is the largest wine expo in the USA. During the expo, you can enjoy1,800 wine tastings from 300 popular wineries from all over the world. In this expo, wine enthusiasts can mingle and get along with wine experts and producers.


The above wine festivals are not the only wine festivals you can experience around the world, but they are some of the best and the most exciting festivals to look forward to this 2017.

You don’t have to visit them all. Just choose the ones you would like to experience firsthand, and you will surely enjoy the celebration. These wine festivals are the perfect excuse to have an extended holiday with friends or loved ones.