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Top 5 affordable ways to improve your car

ways to improve your car

We’re going to assume that you are very fond of your car. After all, you perhaps thought long and hard before choosing to buy your particular model of car, while the comfortable seating and booming audio system might impress everyone who you take on a journey in the vehicle.

However, none of this is to say that you wouldn’t like to improve that car – and cost-effectively, too. Here are some measures that we would recommend for enhancing that car on a budget.

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Add a cold-air intake – but only in the right circumstances

If you would like to bump up the horsepower to make the vehicle that little bit faster, then you might have been advised to opt for a cold-air intake. It would, after all, cost you only slightly more than a pack of gum while delivering a similar minty freshness, as HowStuffWorks reports.

Still, don’t add that intake to a naturally aspirated and electronically fuel injected car, as cautioned in a Forbes piece. Otherwise, you could lose hydrolock without boosting horsepower.

Give your car a cat-back exhaust

If you’re a cat lover, relax – this step wouldn’t require you to harm any furry friends. Implementing a cat-back exhaust means straightening the pipes that run from your exhaust tubing’s catalyst through to your vehicle’s rear and bumper.

Acting on this advice would loosen up the system to ease those exhaust gases’ means of exiting. Hence, you could free up room for extra air and fuel – and, thus, unleash more horsepower.

Replace the wheels and tyres

You might not have realised that swapping out your car’s regular tyres for shorter ones could increase the vehicle’s acceleration. Nonetheless, keep in mind that, with those new tyres turning as you drive, your speedometer will no longer read accurately.

If you can contend with that drawback, you could also mount those replacement tyres on new, lightweight wheels – though, of the options here, carbon-fibre wheels would be cost-inefficient.

Thoroughly wash your car – inside and out

Yes, you could put your car through a car wash every other week to leave a shining exterior, but certain dirt will elude the water splashed about there. We refer, of course, to the interior – so don’t forget to habitually empty rubbish from it and, once monthly, give the dashboard a simple dusting.

Don’t neglect the inside of the windows, either – especially if you have kids who have left a mess there! Wise Bread advises that you use a window cleaner and microfibre cloth here.

Check how modifications could affect your insurance premium

Though you might be full of exciting ideas for how to modify your vehicle, remember to run them past your insurer. After all, those add-ons could also add something rather less desirable: more expense to your insurance! This would be the case with van insurance, so tread carefully.

If you do tweak a van rather than a car, an insurance broker might remain capable of sourcing a financially attractive policy for that vehicle.

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