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Saving When It Comes to All of Your Driving Expenses

Driving Expenses

When it comes to driving expenses, you can probably agree that there are a lot of them out there. Every other week you seem to be shelling out on something to keep you on the road, and all that spending just doesn’t seem all that worthwhile in the end, does it? Relax, you aren’t the only one to have ever considered getting rid of their car because of how much it costs to run!

You need not rid yourself of your car, however, because there are ways to save when it comes to all of your driving expenses. The tips below will help you to do so.

Saving when it comes to purchasing a new car

saving while buying a new car

Whether you find yourself purchasing a new car because you need to or because you want to, there are ways to save when you do.

The best way to do so is to get yourself a reliable car that will last you a number of years. This is because cars depreciate quickly, and trading them frequently will see you fall foul of losing money in deals because of low value and high-interest rates. So, get yourself a strong car, keep it for a number of years, and save thousands as a result.

Something else that you should do is act cautiously when it comes to service contracts and extended warranties. Being wary of the deals you are offered will see you circumvent paying extensive amounts for limited coverage. If you can, have your warranties checked over by somebody in the know in regards to them before you take them out.

Saving when it comes to car maintenance

The best way to save when it comes to car maintenance is to have yours properly serviced and tuned. When you don’t, you open yourself up to having to face a plethora of misfortunes, all of which cost a bucket load to repair.

For instance, a poorly tuned car is said to use over 25% more gas than a serviced car is, a car that doesn’t have its oil and oil filter changed regularly will face more problems on longer trips, and cars with tires that are too big for it will drag on gas mileage. So, always make sure your car is worked upon and always seek to ensure it is working at what its manual deems to be its optimum capability. To do this, quite simply, when your mechanic calls up saying your car needs a service, take it to them!

Saving when it comes to gas

As you know, filling your car with gas is one of the biggest drainers of your driving fund. You can cut back on this expense, though, by being wise when it comes to your gas-choosing and overall driving habits.

First, you should seek to be wise when it comes to choosing the best credit card for gas purchases. Yes, certain card providers offer particular discounts when it comes to filling your car, and you need to be taking advantage of them. The Citi Costo Anywhere Visa card, for instance, provides 4% cash back on all gas purchases when you become a member, and as you can probably agree, every percent helps in this case! There are a number of other cards that will help you cut down on your gas expenditure, too, information on which you can read here.

Saving when it comes to gas

Something else that you should do to cut down on this spending is cut down on the trips that you make in your car. It doesn’t mean that you need use your car any less, it just means running a number of errands while your car is on the road, because constantly stopping and then starting your car up again is a major contributor to the draining of fuel. Also, if you have the luxury of being able to do so, get carpooling with a work colleague. Doing so will cut the money you spend on commuting by however many people you carpool with, and it’ll earn you a ticket into those free-flowing lanes that sit at the side of all that gridlock.

When it comes to what you do when you’re behind the wheel, remember that wasteful driving habits can double fuel consumption. For this reason, you should remember to accelerate gently, you should be avoiding coming to a complete halt by judging your stopping time and distance in regards to the vehicle that you follow, and you should be maintaining a steady speed when traveling along free-flowing lanes. By tweaking the way you drive to do these kinds of things, you will save hundreds a year on gas.

Saving when it comes to insurance

Something else that burns a hole in your pocket when it comes to being a driver is the insurance that you pay out to keep your car on the road. Face it; you dread that time of the year when you have to renew your policy!

To make this time far easier and cheaper to circumvent, you should dedicate yourself to saving on your insurance. To the point, you should make sure you are shopping around for the cheapest deal by using a price comparison site, and then bargaining for the best deal when you find a policy that you are particularly attracted to. The amounts that are offered online are not set in stone and can be haggled down, so get negotiating by asking your chosen provider to raise the deductible on your collision insurance. It will bring the price you pay right down, provided you have a clean driving record.

There are a lot of expenses that need to be forked out on when you’re a driver. You can save on all of this spending, though, by being clever when buying your next new car, by maintaining your car, by being astute with your gas consumption and by devoting your time to finding the best insurance deal. When you do all of that, you’ll soon find yourself spending less on your car, and you’ll probably end up falling back in love with driving as a result.

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