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Hottest Hatchbacks That Will Burn A Hole In Your Wallet This Year

Hot hatchbacks, the budget version of a supercar. Yes, we know, there is no hatchback on the market that is going to beat a Ferrari in a drag race, but that’s not really the point. The point is that there are some brilliant hatchbacks available to purchase that can make it feel like you’re driving a supercar. They have low suspensions, and that means that you can sense the tarmac rapidly passing under the tyres. They have spritely acceleration, which is just what you need to make the thrill sensors in your brain go crazy. Hot hatchbacks also look pretty darn good. With beautiful designs styled to be attractive to boy and girl racers. Every year new hatchbacks are released that make our inner teenagers reach for their wallets. We think these are the ones that you are going to be tempted to purchase as a fun little weekend vehicle this year.

Ford Fiesta


Let’s start with the Ford Fiesta ST. Just watch as it comes racing around the track and take a glimpse at the manic smile on the driver’s face. By style alone, you can tell that this is going to be a fun car to drive. It has slipstreams cut into the bodywork, despite the fact that it’s never going to reach high enough speeds to reach them. The front is as sharp as a knife, slicing through the air as it speeds past and we haven’t even got to the handling yet. You can approach a corner in this car at high speeds. Feel the hair on your arms stand up. Expertly turn the steering wheel and sense the car grip the road tightly. You will never feel like the car is out of your control. However, if you take it on a track and push it to the very limit, you’re going to have fun drifting. Although, we bet the first time it spins out it will be quite a shock. The car is pretty cheap but if you have more money you could look at the bigger, badder, Ford Focus RS.

Fiat Punto


Looking for a hot hatch as a first-time driver? Then you might want to check out the Fiat Punto. While not quite as fast as the Ford, it’s 1.4-litre engine is more than powerful enough to give you a good time. We quite like the design too. With curves in all the right places and a simple, yet effective aesthetic. You can get this vehicle with the racing pack add-on, and we certainly recommend that option. If you do take it for a track day, it may not take the corners as neatly as the Ford, but you’ll certainly feel the power as you race around the bends. Thames Motor Group have a wide selection of Fiats including the Punto at budget beating prices.

Volkswagen Golf GTI


The Golf is always going to make lists like this. It is the atypical hatchback. Its style cannot be rivalled or beaten, but if you’re looking for a hatchback, we know you’re more interested in performance. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed here. Remember we said hatchbacks can feel like supercars? Well, this is the perfect example. The GTI can reach blistering speeds in a matter of seconds and sounds like it has the engine of a Ferrari. Although, you will be paying for these bonuses with the price. We think it’s worth the extra money.

We hope you have enjoyed this list. Now you just have to convince your partner to invest in one of these fun little beasts.


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