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Travel Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Gap Year

Going on a gap year is a wonderful way to see the world. And, with these tips, you can get even more out of your gap year:

Work While You Travel

It’s nice to go on holiday to places and just relax. However, a gap year is much more than a normal holiday. You’ll be going away for months and months; it’s impossible to relax for that long! Sooner or later, you’ll run out of money. So, my solution is to work while you travel. Now, you may think this sounds horrible, but it’s actually amazing. Working abroad is a completely new experience, it’s unlike working at home. You can try your hand at different jobs and fully immerse yourself in a new culture. Plus, you only have to work part-time, which means you’ll have plenty of time to do everything you want. And, you can pick and choose when you want to work. When you start out, you can take things easy and relax. Then, when the money is running low, get yourself a little job.

Invest In A Scooter

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What’s the worst part of every gap year? Not having enough time to do and see everything you had planned! You spend lots of time walking around big cities, and you end up only seeing a portion of the place. Typically, this is because you’re restricted to walking or finding public transport. Sure, you can buy a bike, but this can still restrict you and take up time. The solution to this is simple; invest in a scooter. If you’re staying in one place for the entire year, I suggest you buy one. It will help you get around the country in a cost-effective and quick manner. If you’re not in a city for long, scooters are a great thing to hire so you can get around quickly and see everything. Get yourself a TaoTao scooter or Vespa and you can make your gap year far better than before. No longer will you worry about missing things, you can get everything done and see more than you imagined.

Avoid Flights And Hotels

One of the easiest ways to run out of money is to fly everywhere and stay in hotels. While these are two convenient ideas, they aren’t the best. It’s far better if you take public transport from place to place. This allows you to see more countries as you travel through them all. Plus, you might pass through a town and decide it looks so nice you want to stop. So, you get off the train/bus and begin an adventure you never thought you’d start! Of course, if you listened to my second point, then you’ll have a scooter to get you from city to city. Again, this saves money, and you experience more of the local culture. Hotels are simply too expensive, and you get a better gap year experience by staying in a hostel.

Follow this advice and you’ll have the best gap year ever! Remember, stay safe, and take lots of pictures while you’re away.