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Cars For That Big Road Trip

Have you ever wanted to take a road trip? I mean, like a big huge massive road trip, all over North America, maybe even South America? All over Europe and Asia? That kind of a BIG road trip?

This is a very nice fantasy, and for most people it will stay a fantasy, because it takes a lot of time and resources to do it properly. But if you are one of those people with the discipline and the werewithal to make it work, the dream could very well be yours.

Selecting The Car:

It’s important to have a good car for this trip. The best kind of car in our not so humble opinion is something with a hatchback, that packs a lot of interior space for the footprint it leaves. This gives you the option of bringing all the stuff you are going to need on the trip, and also allows you to do things like camp or even sleep in the car if necessary. Something like an Audi Q7 is ideal because of its mixture of good fuel economy, reliability, and space.

You can also go in a bigger vehicle, like a van, or of course, even an RV, but this could wind up limiting your range simply because the gas costs will kill you.

Selecting The Route:

Here there are tons of options, but there is one important point to consider: Going too far out into the country is much much riskier than you think! Especially if this is your first time doing a big road trip, try to stick to primary or at least secondary routes. Even in many of the world’s richer nations, it’s incredible how bad the state of roads can get in real backwoods areas, not to mention the lack of amenities such as gas stations etc.  Our advice would be not to go anywhere too remote, unless you have the route very clearly planned and are going to visit someone you already know there.

Allow Yourself Time:

The last piece of advice for this type of a trip is to not bite off more than you can chew. Set realistic goals given the time frame that you have. In practical terms, that means think of how much time you’re going to need in order to not rush and enjoy yourself along the way, and double that!

With these three points properly addressed, you will have an awesome big road trip.