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Sensible Cars for the City

Ok, so you’ve decided you are going to adult (finally!) and get yourself a sensible car. Nothing flashy, nothing complicated. Something that will be reliable and make financial sense in the long run, eliminating headaches in your life. Congratulations, welcome to the world of the mature person. We are few and far between but we are like gold!

In our opinion, it’s best to get something in a sedan, with enough room to do a heavy run of grocery shopping, but no more. Something in which repairs are few and far between, and fuel economy is good. Something like a BMW 3 series, for example.

Low Frequency Of Repairs:

Some cars have the advantage of cheaper parts, especially if you order them online. However, this should not be the major factor in making a car buying decision, because time is an even bigger factor. What is meant by this is that a part that costs 3 times as much, but lasts 6 times longer, for example, is actually a way better deal than a cheaper part that wears out that much more quickly. Add to this the convenience factor of just being able to drive the car with a bare minimum of problems, because your time has value too!

Gas Mileage Vs. Vehicle Cost:

It’s important to get a car that’s economical on gas; this much is definitely true. However, once again, it’s not the only factor.

One has to analyze intelligently gas costs vs. vehicle costs. For example, buying a hybrid vehicle sounds great on the surface, but when you factor in how much more they are going to charge you for said hybrid, and the possible higher cost of repairs, you often find out that a hybrid doesn’t justify its higher cost unless you keep the vehicle for 10 and sometimes even 15 years! So, buyer beware! Great fuel economy never justifies an overly expensive vehicle, or for that matter, an unreliable one.

Even from an environmental standpoint, what’s the use of a vehicle that uses less gas but then a few years later winds up rotting in a junkyard, or goes through a bunch of car parts in a very short time?

This is why it’s important to shop smart and know all the details when buying a car, and above all, to think about the long term. With that strategy, you will be riding stress-free in a great vehicle for years to come.