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How to Buy or Import a Car from Abroad

The idea of importing cars from abroad has always been a tempting one for many Australians, but now that the Aussie dollar is trading so high, the opportunity to buy a car from overseas, usually the US, has never been a more viable one to take advantage of. There are, however, numerous things that will need to be arranged in advance, including sea container transport, if you’re to import your dream car successfully.

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1 Research

There are numerous things that you’ll need to research before you purchase a car overseas to import to Australia, including:

  • Cars – You need to look at things like import permit requirements to ensure the car you buy will get approval to enter Australia.
  • Documentation – What documentation is required to import the vehicle you buy into Australia? Vehicle import permit, customs approval, etc. all need to be arranged in advance.
  • Transport – It’s essential to find a good logistics provider that can arrange all aspects of logistics, including sea containers and international car shipping, as well as domestic delivery, like www.geckologistics.com.au, a leading logistics company in Perth.

And that’s just for starters, as you’ll also need to consider using a car import broker, as many car buyers do when importing cars in order to minimise the many risks that are often involved.

2 Get Vehicle Import Approval and Decide on Logistics Provider

Fortunately, the process of applying for a car import permit in Australia is very straightforward if you’ve got the required documentation sorted out. That will leave you with more time to make sure you’ve decided on the right service provider to provide you with shipping containers and tilt tray trucks for the final leg of the journey from the port to your carport.

3 Receive Permit and Arrange Transportation

Once you’ve received your permit you can then make the final arrangements with the logistics company. You also need to make sure your car is ready for shipping and customs by removing any items that may pose a quarantine risk, including air conditioning gas.

4 Apply for and Receive Customs Clearance

After lodging an import declaration for the vehicle, which is a simple and straightforward process, you then need to pay:

  • Customs Duty
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Luxury Car Tax (if required)

Afterwards, you’ll need to lodge a quarantine entry with the Department of Agriculture as well as arrange a vehicle inspection appointment. Additionally, depending on the outcome of the inspection, you may also need to arrange for modifications for the vehicle to enable you to register it. This is yet another reason why many car buyers importing cars from overseas choose to work with a car import broker as they can manage these important aspects of the process.

Import a Car from Abroad Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many things that you will need to arrange when importing a vehicle from abroad, including arranging a good logistics services provider with sea containers and tilt tray trucks, and arranging the required documentation, either on your own or with the assistance of a broker.