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Shut-Eye Salvation | The Methodology of Restful Sleep

Sleep is where we spend a third of our lives, so it’s pretty important that we make use of that time effectively by having as much restful sleep as we can, and as little bad sleep as we can manage. Sleeplessness plagues us all at one point or another, and there is no way to tell where or when it’s going to strike, but there are certain things we can do to prevent it from affecting us long-term.

In this article today, we will explore some ways of combating sleeplessness, and some ways to prevent it in the future.

Firstly, to start off with, sleeplessness can be caused by a number of things. Maybe you’ve got projects due at work or school that you haven’t finished, and the stress related to those projects and their incomplete nature is keeping you tossing and turning, or maybe it’s the lack of koala memory foam mattress that’s keeping you up at night. Either way, in those scenarios at least, the way forward it pretty clear.


Buy the mattress, or do the work.

Very rarely is sleeplessness that cut-and-dry, though, and sometimes you can’t work out what it is that’s keeping you up until long after the problem has stopped. To start with, if the problem has continued for more than a few weeks, it might be worth consulting a doctor about. Beyond a week or two, serious sleep deprivation becomes a health risk, and the associated symptoms mean you can’t operate heavy machinery, like your car, or perform complex tasks, like your job, perhaps.

Medication can provide some form of sleep, although natural sleep is the best form for you, some is better than none. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try adjusting the temperature of your room, where possible. If you have a thermostat, try setting it to something between fifteen degrees celsius and eighteen degrees celsius, which is the ideal temperature for human bodies to sleep at. As the night progresses our core temperatures slowly drop, so having the room at that constant temperature is a good way to ensure you aren’t overly cold or overly warm while you sleep, and you never wake up overheated.

If you have a problem with sound or light coming in from outside your bedroom window, there are products, like blackout curtains and white noise machines that can help neutralise those problems. Blackout curtains do work as advertised, and you can have absolute darkness in a room well into the middle of the day, if need be, and white noise machines create a single neutral tone, like static, to block out any intruding noise from the outside. These are both very effective ways of limiting the problems to within the room itself, which narrows the list of potential factors greatly.

Maintaining a restful sleep and wake routine is key in getting to sleep reliably, and sticking to the routine is the only way it will work. After a few months you should start to notice that you regularly and reliably get tired at the same time every night, and you tend to wake up around the same time every morning, which means the routine is working.


Restful Sleep Conclusion

All of these methods will help you get back into a healthy sleep pattern, which is the true end goal for healthy, natural sleep. With these methods you should have no trouble in drifting off into a deep, restful slumber.