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Vehicle Shipping | How to Ship An Exotic Car

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How to Ship An Exotic Car Long-Distance

Shipping an exotic car to another country or state requires focused attention and care. Since driving it to its destination is not an option, you’ll need to hire an excellent vehicle shipping company.  

You can either transport your car by road, air, or sea, depending on your urgency, budget, and preferences. Planning ensures that the process goes smoothly and guarantees that your exotic vehicle arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

vehicle shipping
Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

Before hiring an auto shipping service, you’ll want to review this comprehensive list of must-haves and to-dos. You won’t want to leave your dream car under the wrong supervision. Without adequately researching an auto shipping company of choice, your investment of a lifetime will be vulnerable to damage. 

Choose the right auto shipping company.

Finding the right car shipping company not only promotes seamless transportation of your car but also ensures that you don’t overspend while simultaneously guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety. However, finding the right company can be challenging, so you have to consider every factor carefully. 

Several businesses offer vehicle shipping services but don’t settle for the first company you see an advertisement for, especially when it comes to an exotic car. It’s crucial to find a company specializing in transporting luxury and exotic cars such as Guardian Auto Transport.

Verify that the auto transport firm you hire provides pickup and delivery services in your area and other bonus services for your exotic car and wards off any prying eyes.

The right company offers complete insurance covers, run-safe facilities, and provides reasonable quotes. To ensure a quick, easy, and painless shipping process, conduct research, compare the available businesses, check out online reviews, and ask for recommendations. According to the A-1 Auto Transport website Ultimately, the right shipping company depends on your budget, preferences, and schedule.

Schedule pickup

Although the auto-shipping company will offer pickup assistance, you’ll want to have a firsthand understanding of the process. Making reservations and scheduling a time slot for pickup allows the customer to plan their shipping process well in advance and secures their exotic car space in an enclosed truck. Without proper planning, your imported car may be subjected to open-air means of transport, leaving your vehicle more susceptible to damage. Transporting your vehicle to a remote location will take longer to ship, so it’s best to plan your pick-up ahead of time to avoid delays.

The vehicle shipping company may not provide precise shipping and delivery dates because of traffic and unforeseen weather conditions that can interfere with transportation, even in metropolitan areas. With these unknowns looming over your head, you’ll want to brace yourself for the unexpected when scheduling a pickup. 

Before you leave your car in the care of the shipping company, be clear about the drop-off and pick-up locations, and notify the company of any obstacles they may encounter. Otherwise, you may experience potentially avoidable delays.

Complete Pre-Pickup Inspection

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You may feel overwhelmed and uneasy about entrusting a shipping company with your luxury vehicle. To ease your fears, conduct a pre-pickup inspection to ensure everything is to minimize your anxiety. 

Although the carrier will require keys to access the ignition, locked compartments, gas cap, and trunk, don’t give the company your only set of keys. Visit a key-duplication kiosk, make an extra copy, and verify that the spare is fully functional. Always keep the original keys in your possession. 

Before dropping off your vehicle, make sure your gas tank is no more than a quarter full, as a full tank adds unnecessary weight to the shipment. For further safety precautions, check fluid leaks, disconnect the alarm, and secure the battery in mounting brackets. You should also note the current mileage and document your odometer status on the shipping forms. 

To receive an accurate car transportation quote, it is important to provide details such as the pickup and delivery locations, vehicle type, and desired transport timeframe.

Above all, be careful not to exceed the set weight restrictions, as it may lead to additional expenses or even the rejection of your shipment. To reduce the weight of your exotic car, remove any personal belongings in your trunk or backseat.

Evaluate the contract

Always follow the age-old advice: read the fine print before you sign anything. Understanding the details of an exotic vehicle shipment contract should not be an exception. This contract should contain all the details and services agreed upon, so you aren’t cornered into hidden costs or surprise stipulations. Remember, written agreements are more binding than verbal ones, so don’t expect the company to fulfill your requests if they’re not in writing.

Most auto-shipping contracts don’t accept responsibility for personal belongings left in the car. When reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreement, check the details of the insurance cover, the deductibles needed for repairs to damages sustained during shipping, and refund policies for late deliveries. Furthermore, verify the storage conditions offered, safety precautions, shipping methods, and the overall costs.

Complete post-delivery inspection

It’s your responsibility and your right to make sure that your exotic car arrives in the same condition it was in before transportation. Recording the details of your vehicle’s health during the pre-pick inspection makes the post-delivery investigation easier. Make sure to involve the truck driver in a quick 10-minute inspection. 

It’s best to inspect your exotic car the day of. The daytime sun will allow greater visibility, making it easier to document any damages on the bill so that you can make an insurance claim. Remember, even if there are scars on your exotic cars on the following transport, you’ll still have to pay for shipment. Before agreeing to the terms of a contract, compare the delivery and pre-shipment mileage to ensure the vehicle was not used for purposes other than transport. 

Final thoughts

Safe and secure exotic car transportation requires a reliable shipping company, excellent insurance, and proper inspection. Although it will cost you more, door-to-door transportation is non-negotiable. Whatever you do, don’t hand over your exotic car to the wrong company.