Home Advice Born to be Mild: Motorbike Safety For Even The Most Nervous Riders!

Born to be Mild: Motorbike Safety For Even The Most Nervous Riders!

Motorbike Safety

Gripping a hog with an 1802 cc engine between your legs and going for a spin can seem like a pretty exciting and fun thing to do. However, whether you have a devil may care attitude, or you prefer to be a tad more cautious, safety is one thing that all riders need to be aware of. Luckily, in the post below you will find out about the essential elements that are essential to safe motorbike riding. Something that can help convince a stressed-out mom or OH that you are more born to be mild, than wild, even if you know otherwise.

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The right clothes.

One of the most important things that you need to be as safe as possible when riding a motorbike is the right clothes. Yes, that is right those leather jackets aren’t just for show.

In fact, they are an essential piece of safety gear that protect your arms and back if you do take a tumble. The same goes for the long trousers that you can buy for biking too, as it is a well-known fact that the hairs on your legs can get caught in the asphalt and rip the skin, something that you will not want happening, no matter how cool you need to look.

To that end, be sure you have long sleeved jackets and long-legged pants that are specially designed for motorbiking if you want to be as safe as possible

Eye and head protection.

Next, it is vital that as you are zooming along the highway at 70 mph plus your eyes and head are protected.

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It’s essential to protect your eyes because a fly hitting them at high speed can do some severe damage, as well as block your ability to see what is happening and make you into an instant hazard on the road. What this means is that if your helmet, something that is discussed in more detail below, does not come with a visor, a pair of safety glasses are something that you should also consider.

Of course, everyone knows that you need to wear a helmet when motorcycling because there is no protection for your head on such a vehicle. This means that it can be very easy to injure your head, something which has a much higher risk of causing long-term brain damage or even death.

Therefore it is essential that you pick a comfortable helmet that you can wear all the time when riding. Also, be careful not to buy a second-hand helmet, as you don’t know what trauma these have already suffered. Something that can make them weaker when involved in another accident and could mean that you are not sufficiently protected if something does happen.  

Remember too, that if you can buy motorcycle helmets with visors, to protect your eyes. They also come in tinted varieties, and this can help you to prevent glare from the road and make it a lot safer to ride as well.


Now, while much of bike safety is focused on the items, you need to make your riding less dangerous it is also important to emphasize that you must pay attention not only to your own bike but to other road users as well.

Sadly, this is where many bikers go wrong because they forget that others might not be as aware of them on the road as the should be. Luckily, with the right training, something that is mentioned in more detail below and the foresight to maintain awareness no matter how clear the road seems, accidents can be minimized or avoided altogether.

Gloves and boots.

Another important aspect of motorcycle safety is to use glove and boots when riding. Now, you may not always see people doing this especially they are going on short trips, but to be safe it vital to do so.

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After all, your hands can get pretty darn cold if you’re not wearing gloves even if the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. Cold hands, of course, mean delayed motor skills and this can make all the difference between being able to push the break on time in a dangerous situation or not.

Boots are essential in a similar way because they not only protect your feet from the cold, they also give you a good sturdy surface with which to connect to the asphalt with. Something that it can’t be necessary to do when your riding and have to slow down for traffic lights and stop signs.

Bike maintenance.

Next, being a safe biker isn’t just about having the right kit and being aware while you are out on the road., In fact, it’s also about how to treat your bike in between rides as well. What this means is how well you service and maintain your ‘wheels’.

After all, your brakes won’t be as fast as they need to be if you haven’t checked them regularly and replaced any faulty or worn out sections with new ones. Luckily, getting hold of good quality spares for your bike is something that can quickly be done by using shops like solomotoparts online. Such store can even offer to pay your sales tax and give you free shipping to making it super simple to get the part you need to stay on the road safely.

Motorbike riding school.

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Last, of all, an essential part of proper motorbike safety is making sure that you invest in the right training that will help you operate such a machine in the first place. In fact, you will need to have a certain level of training that includes riding over a closed course, as well as out on the open road before you can even get on a bike legally.

Also don’t forget that it never a wrong choice to brush on up your skills, especially if you haven’t taken your bike out for a while, or if you have recently upgraded to a more powerful engine.

Of course, doing extra training is something that is bound to increase your confidence as well as others faith in you too, making it the perfect thing to convince any cornered loved ones that you are born to be mild, not wild, even if you know better!