Home Business What marketing strategies do gyms use to attract new members?

What marketing strategies do gyms use to attract new members?

What marketing strategies do gyms use to attract new members?
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Whether you’re a fitness freak or a little less inclined to engage in physical activity, you’ll likely have been approached to become a member of your local gym at some stage. Health clubs are acutely aware of the growing demand for their services, as the changing nature of workplace environments – whereby ‘conventional’ working arrangements are quickly becoming a relic of the past – impacts when and how we keep fit.

With more people working flexible schedules or from remote locations than ever before, a notable percentage of the population wants to exercise at times previously deemed ‘unsociable.’ Therefore, by providing around-the-clock access to a location where people can safely utilize fitness equipment, gyms can provide a vital service to a vast range of people – hence their rising popularity.

An offer too good to refuse…

As per any commercial enterprise, gyms don’t just wait for people to spend money on their product; they actively search for custom. Consequently, plenty of sign-up offers are available as rival fitness companies bid to acquire new members in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Of course, we also see this type of behavior in other sectors. Online gambling operators are often extremely productive in their attempts to increase their respective membership bases, facilitating well-positioned promotions to target a specific demographic. If you wish to see a positive live example of this, you can check out Betfair casino bonuses, which include a range of enticing offers designed to attract and retain new members, such as free spins, access to ‘on the spot’ prizes, and daily cash giveaways.

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A selection of potential savings

Much like gaming companies, gyms are renowned for issuing promotional incentives and loyalty schemes to attract prospective members. Common methods include discounted subscription payments for a set period, the chance to earn a referral bonus for helping to recruit new customers and allowing users the flexibility to temporarily ‘freeze’ their membership at any given moment. Before you select which gym to join, it’s important to consider – alongside the facilities and amenities on offer – what sort of deal is most appropriate to your needs, requirements, and personal circumstances.

Remember, not all sign-up incentives are directly commissioned by the gym itself, with many third-party organizations providing alternative options which may be preferable. These can often be found online and are frequently available at voucher codes and money-saving websites.

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The current state of play

With increasing social awareness regarding the long-term physiological benefits of regular exercise, and the development of more sophisticated training techniques to support different fitness-related activities, the number of individuals visiting gyms is expected to rise continually. According to a study conducted in the second half of last year, 14% of UK citizens – approximately ten million people – were in possession of a gym membership. Moreover, 19% of survey respondents stated they intended to join a health club within the next twelve months.

It looks as if those marketing strategies are working a treat…    

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