Home Business SMS Marketing for Small Businesses: 5 Tips and Strategies for Success

SMS Marketing for Small Businesses: 5 Tips and Strategies for Success

SMS Marketing for Small Businesses: 5 Tips and Strategies for Success
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SMS marketing is a cutting-edge tool for small businesses to boost visibility and conversion rates. That’s because 90% of text messages get read in three minutes, boosting conversion up to 45% just from a simple text. It’s an affordable, interactive, and flexible way to deliver deals, sales, events, or promotions to a wide customer demographic and allows customers to opt-in or out of your product or service offer. 

An Android app like AutoForward Text is a cost-effective and valuable mobile tool that lets you forward incoming call history and outgoing text messages to many different phone numbers or email addresses. This SMS marketing tool can help small businesses stay on top of customer needs and questions and provide prompt responses that help improve customer service, increase sales, and build brand loyalty

Check out these top 5 SMS marketing tips and strategies to help make your small business succeed.  

1. Make it Fun and Engaging

Develop an SMS promotion that’s fun, interesting, and engages your customer. You can do this by offering a survey or a poll to help target audiences actively participate.

 Include a toll-free reply option, a video, or an interactive advertisement to grab and hold your consumers’ attention. Make your SMS marketing visual and interactive. The more interested your consumers are, and the longer that you hold their interest, the more likely they are to convert interest into sales.

2. Connect in a Unique and Personal Way

Text messaging presents a unique marketing change to get in touch with your customer base in a casual way. SMS marketing is a low-pressure sales approach that makes people feel more connected, immediate, and comfortable. 

Get the best results from your promotions by dropping traditional marketing features and engaging your target audience on a personal level.

3. Go Where Your Customers Spend Their Time

It’s important to always remember to meet your customers wherever they are. These days, most of your customers are on their phones. This makes text messaging both a current and immediate way to boost your visibility. 

When done the right way, SMS marketing is a top-notch way to deliver your message faster to a wide range of customers at the same time. Since many people are busy and often short on time, a brief text message can be the ticket to instant connection and more sales.

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4. Get Permission

Before you get started, get the most out of your SMS marketing ROI by using best practices when it comes to sending mass marketing text messages. 

You’ll want to check out and comply with laws about SMS marketing to ensure that you get written consent from your consumers before you send them text messages.

5. Be Pertinent, Be Brief, and Don’t Spam

The final strategy to ensure that your mobile marketing campaign is a success is to craft the message that you send to customers who opt into your service or product. Keep it short and to the point (not over 200 characters), ensure that your content is something that makes people feel like it’s an exclusive offer, and stay mindful about how often you send texts (during business hours and only once or twice a week). 

What Can AutoForward Text Do for Small Business SMS Marketing? 

If you’re considering using an SMS marketing app to promote your small business, AutoForward has multiple features that make it a perfect marketing tool to get the word out to customers right where they’re at – looking at their phones. These features include: 

Automation: This app lets you create marketing texts now and broadcast them later. No need to worry about remembering to start that next deal or campaign for your product or service. Instead, customizable templates, drip campaigns, and other integrated app solutions enable you to set your campaign and forget about it until the sales start rolling in. 

Keyword filtering: AutoForward Text’s app enables you to customize marketing filters depending on contact numbers or keywords. This feature lets you filter and rank messages that you receive and answer them faster for better customer service. 

Target Your Promotions: Send messages that your audience wants to see and engage with.

Cost-effective: In contrast to alternative SMS marketing solutions, this app is an affordable option for small businesses looking to expand or upgrade their marketing process. Best of all, AutoForward Text doesn’t need any extra software or hardware to function. Just set it up fast and easily from an Android smartphone.

The Takeaway 

SMS marketing apps such as AutoForward Text are powerful tools that can target and engage customers directly. It’s also an affordable marketing solution for small business owners in the smartphone age who want to stay current with marketing trends but are on a budget. 

Consider adding this SMS marketing tool to your marketing campaigns to help you use a short, quick, and simple message to connect and build a relationship with consumers right on their phones.

Featured Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash