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The New Era of Slots: Digital vs Physical

The New Era of Slots: Digital vs Physical
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Gambling has been among humanity since the beginning of time, but they had administrators running the show instead of machines or mechanized systems back then. 

The invention of slot machines has helped spread this kind of entertainment even further. 

The first slot machine goes back as far as the 18th century. It consisted of five reels with images based on the poker deck. Years later, the Charles Frey slot machine reduced the number of reels to three but added money pots prizes. 

The 20th century brought some restrictions to poker slot machines, so to counter these actions, poker figures were replaced with fruit and candy for prizes. 

Lately, around 1964, the first fully electronic slot machine was presented into the market: the reels were fully mechanized, and the prized were up to 500 chips. 

After its success, ten years later, the mechanized reels started to be replaced by 19” screens. The next evolution came back in 1996, where the video slot machines with divided or dual screens, as we know them now. 

With the ease of access to touch screens and smart devices, the time came for the next step in the evolution of slot machines. Online slot machines are getting more attention than ever before. 


Believe it or not, almost 80% of the casino’s revenue comes from slot machines. They are extremely popular among players, and there’s always that itch for a “one last spin before going home.” Have that last chip in your pocket? You sure know where it’s going!

Now, what if there’s no need to go home because you are already there? What if you could play slots from home, a bar, or even at the park or when commuting to work? Here’s where online slots come into play. 

Online slots opened a whole new world of possibilities for either new or veteran slot players. Their ease of access, wide range of payment options, and enhanced visuals had made players lean towards this new way of playing slots. 

Not so long ago, playing slots was not as easy as it is today. While in some parts of Europe, you can find one or two slot machines at the pub or bar, they are usually older than dust, and the experience is way more distant from ideal. 

To access a wide variety of slot machines, you would have planned a visit to the casino and, if you live in a small town, you may even have to plan a whole weekend trip to lay your hands on a slot machine. 

Fortunately, now you can save all that trip money and focus on just spending what you want in playing, from your home, your breakroom, at the office, or the park wearing something comfortable. 

This ease of access and availability allows the players to jump into the action on breaks, between hours with five-minute steaks, which are quick but rewarding nonetheless. This allows players to stay focus during playing time to then move on with their daily routine. On the contrary, being in a real casino would require taking the time to plan ahead, commute to the place, and stay there a few hours, if not days, to make the trip worth it. While some may like it, others might feel a bit overwhelmed by the sound of hundreds of slot machines clinking in a symphony of coins, beeping sounds, and voices. Online slots can be as noisy or quiet as you want them to be. You can even play while rocking your favorite tunes and get pumped by the music! 

Some slot machines in a casino
Some slots machine in a casino – Photo by Christopher Ryan on Unsplash


Another huge benefit of online slots is the vast variety available. There’s always something interesting showing on the screen. To add excitement to the game, online slots have classic themes like Wheel of fortune, Monopoly, and even movie licenses; they also have new themes coming in all the time to keep the interphase fresh and attractive. 


In a physical casino, you would have to spend big money to, sometimes, get some free buffet coupons. While at home, there’s no one passing food around. You are not here for the eating. You are here for the playing! There are always interesting promotions going on when dealing with online slot operators. 

One online slot operator who is unique in that sense is Winkslots. They have an exclusive line of online slots you will not find anywhere else; their portfolio comprises a mix of exclusive and other leading vendor’s games with over a thousand slots on offer. On top of that, they offer more attractive incents to keep players coming back. They have bonuses, daily jackpots, and, best of all, free spins with no deposit.


It’s time to talk about the slot in the room! 

Unlike real slots in a casino where you must get in line to play your favorite machine, online slots are always available to you, and you can come back to your favorite game as many times as you want, no waiting. You only have to fire up your smartphone, tablet, or computer, access your preferred online slot, and you’ll be playing in no time.  

Those devices combined with internet service providers’ improved internet speed nowadays make possible what we saw as mere science fiction twenty years ago. 


Now, the question is what to expect from online slots vs. real slots. By now, if you are an avid slot player, you may know the big lever is more like a novelty or a gimmick these days. The machines are all button operated for the most part. 

There’s really no difference in gameplay in the end. Every phone, tablet, or computer has crisp, clear screens these days and touch screen controls or a mouse for PCs, so the experience is reproduced very faithfully. The high-quality animations replicate what you would see in the real machine, which by now most of them have screens instead of rolling reels. No difference there. 

The prizes, of course, are “the” most important thing when playing slots and, fortunately, they are as succulent as you can expect from this type of entertainment. The same experience of getting big payouts out of small amounts of money is still present with online slots. If you add the courtesy spins to the equation, it feels like prizes are waiting for you at the tip of your fingers. 

Featured Photo by DEAR on Unsplash