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Three Movie-Themed Online Slots Popular in Canada

Three Movie-Themed Online Slots Popular in Canada
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Considering how continuous the online casino industry is growing in the past few years, we are bound to see casino games undergo an evolution as every game seems to be going through changes. With how big the online casino industry has grown, there is no lack of games for the players to indulge in. There can only be difficulty choosing your favorite among the thousands available.

Many of these games can be played on thousands of websites available on the internet. There are games like blackjack, bingo, video slots, poker, and much more available to play on the internet.

The most popular category among these casino games has to be slot games. The main reason for the Online Slots’ popularity is simplicity and design, as they are fun and easy to play for both beginners and expert gamblers.

They don’t require many skills and thinking. All you need to do is pressing few lucky buttons to get a combination win along with excitement. With the help of a casino bonus in an online casino, it’s easier to boost your bankroll and win high jackpots.

Since you are here, you should have developed quite the curiosity for these slot games. In this article, we will be listing out few movie-themed online slots popular in online casinos in Canada. If we’re going to covering all categories of online slot games, we probably won’t be able to cover them in 10 articles. So let’s stick with the movie-themed online slots for now.

Dark Knight Slot

You’ve probably heard of the Christopher Nolan-directed Superhero movie that grossed $1 billion in 2008. And if you haven’t, you should know about DC superhero Batman, who was a source of happiness in our childhood. The Dark Knight was a classic superhero movie.

Enough about the movie, ever since its introduction, the Dark Knight slot has grown to become one of the popular slot games as it could be said to have perfectly adapted its movie counterpart. There is Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and the villain Joker. The gamers also get to enjoy the cinematic music playing in the background as you spin the reel. The graphic design in this slot game is top-notch; it is a 5 reel video slot with free spins, cinematic spins, and random spins.

Hangover Slot

The Hangover is probably one of the best comedy classic movies created in the last decade. It is a casino movie with several touches of comedy centered around the gambling culture in Las Vegas.

This is one reason the Hangover slot became so popular among gamblers in Canada and across the world. However, the games come with top-notch graphics and sound effects coming from the popular comedic movie. Mr. Chow marks his appearance as the motivator in this slot game, having been made the gang leader in the movie.

Like every other popular slot game, this game features impressive bonus rounds like stun gun bonuses, wedding capital bonuses, and others. They can potentially increase your winnings in the game.

Jurassic Park Slot

Young or old, everybody knows about the tenants of the planet, the Dinosaurs. And for every reminder we get, we make some connections to Jurassic Park that makes it their job for all things related to dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park is one of the popular movie series, and its slot-themed game should, without a doubt, be successful. Jurassic Park is 5 reels and 243 pay-lines slot game that features impressive graphics. You get the faces of Velociraptor, Triceratops, T-rex, and many more. Several bonuses could be activated in this slot game.

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