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6 Gift Ideas for Your Techie Friend

6 Gift Ideas for Your Techie Friend
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Do you have a techie friend who has a futuristic take on life, and you always struggle to decide what would be the right gift for them? While a generic gift card can do the job, putting in effort and giving a thoughtful gift would strengthen your relationship.  

We’ve compiled a list of items for your techie friend that’ll make a perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Some items might even intrigue you to splurge a little extra on yourself as well! Let’s take a look:

Smart AC Controller or a Smart Thermostat

If your friend doesn’t already own a smart air conditioner, then you must have heard them saying they’re saving up money to get one. As convenient as smart ACs are, they’re costly too. But this is where you can help!

Smart thermostat
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You can gift them a smart AC controller or a smart thermostat for their mini-split or central air conditioners, respectively. Believe it or not but a mini-stat or a smart thermostat can make any dumb air conditioner smart. They offer many smart features, including weekly schedules, geofencing, intelligent triggers for temperature and humidity controls, and more! In short, this small device will automate your friend’s cooling/heating needs without having them spend a fortune on buying a new smart AC. Your friend will be able to control their AC from anywhere, anytime!

And wait, there’s more!

These smart devices will help your friend reduce their AC costs by saving up to 25% of energy. They can also be connected to a smart home hub such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or SamsungSmartThings.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

If your techie friend also loves to cook, then the Click and Grow Smart Garden would make a perfect gift for them. It is a device that grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs without you having to worry about keeping a vigilant eye on the process. This smart indoor garden would add a fresh look to your friend’s kitchen and take their meals to the next level.

While traditional gardening may seem more rewarding but the time and effort required could intimidate you before even starting. This device is great in this sense as it automates the watering, lighting, and nutrients needs of the plant pods. 

With this device as a gift, your friend would never run out of their favorite must-have herbs while cooking. 

Sleep Headphones and Eye Mask

If your techie friend lives in an urban area surrounded by traffic, construction, or other sources of noise pollution, then gifting them sleep headphones and eye masks would make their nights less chaotic. You must be wondering that they must already own a pair of earphones. But wearing them while lying on your bed makes the experience quite uncomfortable, right?

This is where this sleep eye mask paired with Bluetooth headphones comes into play. This ingenious item not only blocks the light but also helps block the annoying noises ruining your night dreams. 

The best part is that you don’t have to adjust your earbuds again and again or toss and turn to get that comfortable position where your ears won’t hurt. 

Some masks available in the market come with a noise-canceling feature or produce white noise to provide a soothing and calming experience while you sleep

Foreo Smart Face Mask 

Foreo Smart Face Mask would make a perfect gift for your bestie who is always busy and barely finds anytime for a skincare routine. 

The UFO combines modern dermal technologies with the super famous Korean formulas to give you a facial treatment in seconds at home. It offers several different masks for different occasions. It uses LED technology with a combination of hot and cold sonic waves, enhancing the effectiveness of the mask ingredients when applied to the face. 

All you have to do is just download the app, pair the UFO and scan the barcode printed on the mask. The device will sync with the app, and you’re all set to start your facial treatment. 

The app also tracks your routine while suggesting which treatment would be best for you. Moreover, you can keep track of your mask usage and even set reminders for the next one.

Petnet SmartFeeder

Does your friend own a pet? Then this Petnet SmartFeeder will serve as a savior for their pet-parenting duties. 

This automated smart feeder can be programmed using your smartphone. It enables you to feed your pet remotely hence a great help when you’re at work or away from home. The smart features allow you to set feeding schedules. You can set the portion of food, the speed with which each portion is dispensed, and feeding times all through your phone. 

The app also suggests the portions and amount of food that is best suitable for your pet. In addition to that, you can monitor your pet’s food intake using the option of feeding insights.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard

Do you ever get annoyed by taking out and putting in your phone again and again during a stroll? Well, your friend might also hate that. It may not have hit you hard because, like everyone else, you’re almost used to it.

But with Levi’s Trucker Jacket, this is going to change!

With this brilliant piece of tech cum clothing, you’d be able to take pictures, read notifications, take calls, and change/skip songs just by tapping or swiping your jacket. Sounds unreal, right? 

It is a collaboration between Google and Levi’s to combine style and technology in a piece of clothing. A Jacquard™ Tag is tucked in the cuff that connects to your phone.

You just have to pair the jacket with your phone, and you’re all set to use your phone without even looking at the screen. With this as a gift, your techie friend won’t miss any beautiful scenic view when they’re out for a walk.

These super useful products would please the techie soul in your friend and make their life full of convenience. 

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