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Deal with Childhood Teeth Issues Quickly with Crocodile Orthodontics

Crocodile Orthodontics is a specialist in child orthodontics who aim to deal with children’s teeth problems at an early an age as possible.  According to the NHS< one in three children can benefit from orthodontic treatment but most wait until they receive NHS braces, by which time the chance to use less invasive treatments has passed.  But what kind of services are on offer and how can they benefit your child?

Who is Crocodile Orthodontics?

Crocodile Orthodontics are specialists in children and teen teeth treatments and offer a range of options to help deal with issues that occur in young mouths.  Good oral health and the confidence that it brings is important for children and will set them in a good position for the rest of their life.

Working with problems in children is much easier than in adults as bone isn’t as hard and teeth are still growing.  By taking steps to remedy issues at a younger age, parents can help their children avoid tooth decay and gum disease in later life.  It can also help children avoid a fear of the dentist as it will become simply a regular thing that they do.

Changes in orthodontics


Child orthodontics have evolved a huge amount in the last ten years with new technology meaning that there has been a widening of options in addition to the traditional metal brace.

One example is the ceramic braces that work in a similar way to the classic ‘train track’ style of braces but use colour ceramic rather than stainless steel.  This makes them less obvious and helps a child overcome the embarrassment of having to wear them.  Ceramic braces don’t work for all children and you need to consult a specialist such as those within Crocodile Orthodontics to see if it is the best option for your child.

Different types of braces

Transforming braces into a fashion accessory may not seem an important step but by making them more fun and colourful, this can reduce the child’s consciousness of wearing them.  There are some thirty different colours to choose from in new braces and they can have different shades for different occasions.

Removable braces are often used to treat problems at an early age to ease conditions that might lead to more serious treatment at a later point if untreated, as said by Kumra Orthodontics Washinton DC. Simple tooth corrects can adjust the bite and improve cosmetic appearance, meaning there is less need for more serious bite corrections in later times.  The removable braces are designed to carry out simple, limited tooth movements.

In some situations, it is even possible to use aligners and lingual braces if a child fears wearing the normal style.


The practice aims to make itself a friendly place for children to visit and to help ease the natural fear of visiting the dentist.  They accept patients from around the Cardiff area and can be found at:


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