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Sorry, But Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Was Better Than The Phantom of the Opera

Sorry, But Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Was Better Than The Phantom of the Opera
Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Theater shows are awesome. They have all the movie drama, but you have live actors who can engage you directly. Surprisingly, we don’t spend even more time at the theater than we already do.

We All Want to Know What Happens Next

Billions of people read Harry Potter and followed his adventures through his school years. I think it’s safe to say we all want to know what happens next. A short epilogue stating that he went to the Ministry of Magic just wasn’t satisfying.

The Cursed Child picks up where the books left off. We get to follow the story of his child and see Harry as an adult. It’s a very satisfying experience.

The Cursed Child Deals with Modern Issues

Phantom of the Opera deals with timeless themes of social rejection and love. But it’s more than 100 years old. The ideas are timeless, but the treatment and setting feel dated.

Harry Potter lives in a complete fantasy world, but we all remember how we adored the books as children. The way the story develops is very modern and has even had a significant role in shaping our ideas of contemporary literature.

Both stories deal with social rejection and bullying, but Cursed Child deals with it much more personally. Instead of general social rejection by nameless crowds, the bullying is done by named characters.

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The Harry Potter Universe is Legendary

We all knew the Harry Potter universe as children, and we’d love to go back as adults. It’s so popular that Universal Studios made a theme park around the idea.

Diving back into the lore for a few more magical hours is worth the price of admission. I have nothing against 19th century Paris, but I know which place I’d want to go.

I hate to bring up spoilers, but you’ll love the new storyline. The Cursed Child allows you to experience the wizarding world again and builds on the lore with new experiences.

The Death Eaters are Back

The Death Eaters didn’t really get enough screen time in the books. Really great villains needed to be fully fleshed out and understood as people with conflicts and fears.

We saw some of that with Professor Snape’s bullying by Harry’s dad and his love for Harry’s mom. Her death became the double tragedy of Harry’s loss and Snape’s regret.

Bringing the Death Eaters back gives us one more chance to explore why they did terrible things. Was it really because they just hated people who were different? Or was there something that each one could point to that made them turn to the dark side?

In the end, Harry Potter is a story about Harry, but the universe has become so much more than one character. Seeing our old friends and enemies makes Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the show to see.

Featured Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay