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A Week With The Angels: Planning Your L.A. Stay

Whether you’re a casual holidaymaker or a frequent globetrotter doesn’t matter. L.A is almost certainly a destination that features on your travel bucket list. The City of Angels boasts everything from California’s glorious sunshine to world-class culture.

A week in Los Angeles hardly seems long enough, and it probably isn’t. Therefore, it’s more vital than ever that you make every minute of your stay count. Here are seven top tips to ensure that you do.

#1. Location, Location, Location

America’s second most populous city is understandably massive. Ensuring that you are in the heart of the action is vital; otherwise, you will miss out on much of what it has to offer.

Your accommodation doesn’t have to be a hotel. There are plenty of apartments that can be rented to offer an added sense of privacy. Either way, being central will save you a lot of time and hassle. Even if it costs a little extra, you’ll regain that money on transport and other daily costs.

Above all else, waking up in the epicenter of action will put you in a far better mood as you look to attack the day in style. Seriously, the impact this can have on your whole trip is huge.

#2. Hire Some Wheels


Giving yourself a suitable base camp will provide a fantastic starting point. Nevertheless, the place is so large that renting a vehicle is advised. OK, you aren’t going to use it when heading out for a night of drinking, but it will be very useful throughout the days.

There’s nothing quite like cruising through L.A in a stylish motor, especially if owning one in normal life is beyond your remit. After all, vacations are all about escaping your world and experiencing new things. This type of extreme luxury is certainly a great way to do that.

Let’s face it; most visitors are going to hit the various L.A shopping centers at least once during their trip. Driving back to the hotel with those bags will be far more enjoyable than walking back or taking public transport.

#3. Do The Hollywood Tourist Thing

Doing the touristy thing doesn’t appeal to everyone. But even if you’re one of those that hates the idea of following the herd, there are times when you have to bite the bullet. Visiting Hollywood is one of those times.   

Frankly, no trip to L.A is complete until you’ve seen the Hollywood sign and stepped along the famous Boulevard. Even it’s just to see the Walk of Fame; this is something every visitor should do during their trip.

If nothing else, this part of Los Angeles is the vision that most people conjure up when thinking about the City of Angels. Do not let your chance to see it firsthand pass you by.

#4. Amuse Yourself

Are you a big thrill seeker? Frankly, the answer isn’t even that important; visiting Universal Studios Hollywood should be on your bucket list too. Whether you’re with friends, family, or on your own, you will have a fantastic time.

This theme park is like no other. And if you are a film fanatic, upgrading the VIP experience will provide an experience like no other. Even if you don’t fancy that option, the rides and attractions offered to all guests are simply stunning.

The perfect vacation should provide you with experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. There may be other amusement parks across America and the globe. However, Universal Hollywood will provide uniquely unforgettable memories.   

#5. See Some Sport

L.A is home to some magnificent events in virtually all realms of entertainment. And it certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to sport. Whether you’re a massive enthusiast or not, embracing it will make your trip extra special. After all, nothing unites a group of people quite like a big sporting event.

The City of Angels is becoming a major force in MLS, particularly as LAFC will soon be joining the league. Nonetheless, basketball remains number one. Clippers vs Lakers ticket prices aren’t as steep as you’d imagined, and it’s the once-in-a-lifetime event that will take your trip from great to perfect.

Another great thing about those events is that they tend to attract various celebrities too. You never know who you might bump into; those selfies will certainly spice up your holiday snaps album.

#6.  Do The Tijuana Day Trip

It’s true that Los Angeles offers enough entertainment to keep you satisfied for months. Nonetheless, most travel enthusiasts like to combine their trip with a quick excursion to a nearby destination. A lot of people would pick San Diego, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the chance to visit another country is just one of the reasons to choose Tijuana instead.

Whether you do this as part of an organized excursion, or by car is up to you. Either way, visiting a new country will always give your trip an extra sense of excitement. Besides, Tijuana has plenty to offer for the day-tripping tourist too.

Just make sure a certain Mr. Trump is waiting by the border upon your return…

#7. Take The Chance To Relax


L.A is one of those destinations where packing the trip with adventure is easy. However, it’s equally important to appreciate that this is also a vacation. In today’s fast-paced world, recharging the batteries for a day or two is equally important. When in California, missing out on that opportunity would be a huge shame.

The City of Angels is hardly short of great beaches, and a day of sunbathing with a few cold drinks will go down a treat. Even if you’re not overly fussed about catching a tan, the calming breeze and waves will send you into a peaceful paradise. In truth, it’s incredible to think those beaches are so close to the non-stop city.

That’s not to say these beaches are void of people, though. If you’re looking to meet people and play water sports, this is just for you too.