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How To Start Your Dream Freelance Career

Making that first step to becoming a freelancer can be extremely daunting, Giving up your stable income, holiday and other benefits and entering the world of the unknown is not for the faint-hearted. While taking that first step is a lot further than many people manage, you still need to be able to back this up with countless hours of hard work and dedication to make your new career path a success. However, when people do set themselves up as freelancers, they find that this new career can provide so many rewards that their old 9 to 5 job simply couldn’t offer.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning on starting a freelance career of your own.

Find Your Niche

Like many of the best businesses, the top freelancers offer a service that cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you are a graphic designer, blogger, photographer or web specialist, you should think about what you are doing that is totally different to everyone else. Before you actually quit your steady job, you should have this clear in your mind and do any necessary research and/or training courses that will help you get ahead in your field.

Set Up Your Office Space


Even if you don’t have a dedicated office room in your house, wherever you choose to do your work should be exclusively a working zone. Think of any equipment you may need, and even any motivational tools you need to inspire yourself. Many people start with just a laptop, so you will need to make sure you have a model that is quick and capable of running all the necessary programmes that you need to run your new career. You should also make sure you have a quick broadband connection so that technology doesn’t throw in any added pressures to this already difficult job. And, according to comparebundles.com, you can save money by bundling your telecommunications together in one package.

Build Your Website and Social Media Presence


It is likely that your website will be your first port of call for potential customers so you want to make sure everything is just right. Make sure your homepage is not too busy, and the core messages of what you are offering can be summed up in a few short, sharp sentences. Clearly display your contact information, and include details about yourself and exactly what you can provide for your clients. Consult with an SEO specialist, or find some information online to give yourself the best chance of moving up the rankings on search engines.

Social media is an increasingly important tool in modern business, so make sure you at least have a Facebook and Twitter account, and also think about any other accounts that may be useful to your new career. Also make sure your website has a blog page so you can share interesting articles and information to potential clients. Anything that will draw people back to your website can only be a positive thing.