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3 Vehicle Purchases You Should Never Skimp On

Every time you make a purchase on Amazon, there is an instant rush of adrenaline; you’re going to get a package delivered to your door, and opening it is going to feel great! When you get to spend your money on things you like and want, it doesn’t feel like it’s being wasted. Anytime you have to pay your deductible at the dentist, send off another loan payment or replace your windshield wipers, well, that feels like someone is reaching their grubby little fingers into your wallet and taking what they can.

It’s not fun paying for things you need but don’t want. I mean, you didn’t wear braces for 3 years to wreck them by not visiting the dentist, but you also didn’t ask for crooked teeth.

To save money to buy the things we actually want, it’s tempting to cut expenses in areas we think we can afford to, like with our cars. All we do is drive it from work, to home back to work again, does it really need anything more than a full gas tank? The truth is, yes, yes it does, and if you don’t take care of your car, it won’t take care of you.

When you take your car out for a drive, you expect it to get to where you want to go without delay. When the “Check Engine” light flashes on the dashboard, it feels like it has failed to do its job. And if the car breaks down, it feels like a major betrayal. The only time your car will ever give up on you is if you have given up on it. To keep your car happy, never skimp on these five purchases:

Oil Change: An oil change is when old oil is removed from the car’s engine and replaced with new oil. How does getting an oil change make a difference to the overall maintenance of your car? When you drive, the oil lubricating your engine goes through a thermal breakdown. This thermal breakdown essentially makes the oil less like a lubricant and more like sludge, negatively affecting the way your engine runs. If you’re not paying to have your oil changed regularly, your car is going to have a break down.


Air Filter Change: The purpose of the air filter in your vehicle is to trap dirt and debris before it can travel to your engine and damage its parts, the most susceptible being the pistons and cylinders. Engine repair can cost thousands of dollars, whereas replacing the air filter costs anywhere from $15-$25. Would you rather pay $15 every six months, or $5,000 tomorrow to repair your engine?

Auto Insurance Coverage: Insurance is a product that protects you in ‘what if’ scenarios. If you were to get in a vehicle accident, your insurance policy would cover the damages after you paid a deductible. But what if you’re never involved in an accident? That leaves you paying a few hundred bucks a year for a ‘product’ you have never used. If you’re never involved in an accident, count your blessings. According to Forbes Magazine, motorists are involved in an auto accident every 17 years. The after-effects of a car accident costs Americans $871 billion a year. Unless you’re driving a beater car, you shouldn’t skimp on your insurance package. If your car is on its last legs and you’re looking to replace it in the next year, you can change your policy. Liability auto insurance is a great package for the motorist driving a vehicle worth less than $5,000 with plans on making an upgrade. If your car is under ten-years-old with good mileage and undergoes regular maintenance checks, go for full-protection.

Our cars shuttle us to and fro without complaint. If all we have to do is change its oil every so often to save money, it’s well worth it.