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Pros and Cons of Playing in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casino
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Pros and Cons of Playing in Bitcoin Casinos

Over a decade, crypto has transformed hundreds of billions in market value from a niche novelty among techno-geeks that could potentially change the way we view the idea of money itself. One industry has taken the bull by the horns and is seeing acceptance much faster than others. Like crypto, online casino games have evolved into a global enterprise with a 12-figure valuation in a few short years at sites such as Betcoin casino. Many assume the online casino industry is the perfect testing ground for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a strictly digital market that includes regular financial transactions. In 2014, Bitcoin’s first Bitcoin Casinos opened its virtual doors to the public. It began accepting Ethereum three years later, and the variety of cryptocurrencies that individuals can use for gaming continues to expand.

Bitcoin casino
Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

For those who feel that both have a lot in common, this crypto/gambling alliance may seem relatively rational. After all, investing in Bitcoin is commonly seen by regular users as a game of chance that appeals to players and other natural-born risk-takers. Playing at a crypto casino theoretically has some significant advantages over playing at a conventional casino based on fiat money. Let’s find out what they are.



The critical benefit of crypto-gambling is the high degree of privacy that helps online gamblers to keep things secret. There are ‘top secret’ coins like Monero, one of the favored online casino currencies, while those who rely on Bitcoin might be frustrated (we know that BTC transactions are not 100 percent untraceable). Crypto players using XMR can be assured that their data will not be accessed by any third party and know about their gains and losses.

Transparency and Provably Fair

The very existence of the blockchain means that the play is fair. Each user may verify if the game’s result has been decided using random numbers, or if the casino or other players have tampered with it. You only enter the bet ID number and some additional information on the website to get instant and unbiased verification on each bet made and see if it’s okay. (It is also possible if you are using a regular online casino. But in this case, the procedure takes a lot more time and typically includes a third-party testing lab hired).

Therefore, you can be sure that the game is fair and that the crypto casino does not regulate the result of your bets. It’s okay, too, for the house. The higher its prestige, the more individuals are interested in gambling. On the contrary, any controversy connected with the unfair game is ruinous to the casino; when our money is at stake, we all appear to be over-suspicious. It is not entirely unreasonable; several cases of cheating have been recorded.

Initially, every casino is a corporation that seeks to obtain money from their customers. Casinos don’t trick you into doing so, despite what many people suggest. Instead, for any bet a client makes, they have a guaranteed built-in benefit. It’s called House Edge or Benefit of the Casino. In the long run, this trick ensures The House Still Wins and makes the business of gambling profitable. 

The house edge ratio depends on the game you play, with daily online casinos ranging from 1 to 15 percent. The lowest house edge level ever offered by Bitcoin casinos, ranging between 0.5 and 3 percent. Typically, with evidence given, it is seen freely on the casino website. Thus, you know what your odds of winning are. There are websites offering 0% house edge if it’s still too massive for you, such as the blockchain-based Zeroedge.bet network that has recently released its Zerocoin cryptocurrency.

Few, if Ant Legal Restrictions

Online Casinos
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Internet gaming has not yet been allowed in many countries or is completely banned. It means your bank can refuse to proceed with transactions to and from online casinos (say, they will not be approved by American financial institutions). 

Here, the best choice is crypto-based gambling websites. They will not prohibit deposits and payouts in Bitcoins and other digital currencies from being accepted, and there are no legal ramifications for them to do so. Their purchases are not made by a third party, which means that you do not have to connect your credit card to your player’s account and pay your bank’s transaction fees. Talking about the rates, relative to what a bank might charge you, they are deficient. 

Subsequently, because many states do not recognize crypto as real money, it is not subject to taxation. Excellent news, perhaps.



Right, a unit’s value may take on either a positive or a negative function. Gambling with Bitcoin is lucrative for the time being, but what happens after some years when the market for cryptocurrencies has plummeted? 

Its value will start to fall at a rapid rate, so you should be aware of it and know when it’s time to withdraw your earnings and swap them for real money.

It Still Runs on the Internet

It operates on the public ledger. For a considerable number of reasons, every single thing that runs online can collapse at any moment, no matter how small or how significant. 

Yes, most of each player’s funds are deposited in safe cold storage, but what about the amount still on the “ether”? It might disappear at any moment, and you would most likely not get a refund, not even a partial one.

A Bit Insecure

This issue applies to every online casino, not just those with Bitcoin. Most online gambling sites do not want to “war” over stuff with the government, so they prefer to focus their operations on particular countries and regions. Thus, if anything goes wrong, you have no guarantee of taking back your money. 

It happens because if the online casino you play in is not situated in your country of origin, the legal system does not cover you at all. 

The laws of online Bitcoin gambling are based on local jurisdiction.

The Requirements For Minimum Wage

We spoke earlier about the incentives and deals that go together when using Bitcoin to deposit. The disadvantage of these enormous amounts of money is that a customer will be asked to meet the required wage stipulation to become eligible to withdraw the winnings acquired with such a bonus.

Fair Gaming is Not Always Guaranteed

Perhaps the most crucial drawback to gaming at Bitcoin casinos is that even though the casino itself is wholly permitted to operate and sell its services to potential players worldwide, the games might not always be “proven fair.”

Conclusion | Bitcoin Casinos

Luckily, there is still an excellent reasonable balance whenever we talk about Bitcoin gambling pros & cons. So, no matter which one you want, whether or not to gamble with Bitcoin, you should be all right.