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No Wagering Bingo Sites Explained

No Wagering Bingo Sites Explained
Image by Dmitry Grushin from Pixabay

Thousands of people play online bingo every day, and there are many bingo sites to choose from! There are literally hundreds of bingo sites competing for our interest by offering ‘larger’ and ‘better’ bonuses than the next bingo site. 

However, bigger does not necessarily imply better, as you may have discovered when you claim a bonus only to discover that you can’t withdraw any winnings owing to a violation of the promotion’s terms and conditions. 

For years, players have complained about earning money playing bingo or slots with a bonus ‘given’ to them by an online bingo site, only to have their profits seized because they did not meet the wagering requirements related to the bonus. That is why you might want to consider trying no wagering bingo next time you sign up for a new site.

Why should you go for a no-wager bingo site?

The fast rise of online bingo over the last decade, as well as the amount of bingo sites to choose from, has inevitably boosted competition. To attract players, virtually every bingo site competes for attention by offering ‘larger’ and ‘better’ incentives.  

However, excessively strict terms and conditions disguised in the fine print might prohibit gamers from earning from all the ‘free money’ being given.

In general, the greater and more generous the offer looks to be, the stricter the terms and restrictions tied to it will be. 

Bingo sites do this in order to protect themselves, but some of the terms are so stringent that the bonus may as well be demo credit since it would be very difficult to win anything from it. Wagering requirements are the most important and well-known of these bonus conditions.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering rules stipulate that a particular amount must be wagered before bonus earnings may be withdrawn. These wagering requirements can be as high as 20 times the bonus amount in bingo and as much as 100 times or more in casinos or slots.

Wagering requirements are not entirely awful in general as long as they are fair and justifiable. The problem is that they are often far too high and are intentionally meant to keep players from “winning.”  

Worse, in the past, these rigorous requirements were buried deep inside the convoluted and intricate terms and conditions of the bingo or casino site, where only a skilled eye could locate them.  

Only when the player sought to pay out their winnings were the terms brought to their notice, much to their dismay, and their withdrawal was disallowed and their earnings seized.

Are no-wager bingo sites preferable?

It all depends. It is up to you to decide whether one bingo site is better than another. Some players choose to claim substantial bonuses with high wagering requirements since it allows them to play for an extended length of time and earn more playable monies from a lesser deposit. 

Having said that, a great number of players prefer no wagering offers since they want to be able to withdraw their profits at any time when playing online. It is up to you to decide if a no-wagering website is better or worse.

Featured Image by Dmitry Grushin from Pixabay