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How To Use Your Boring Video Conferencing To Have Fun

How To Use Your Boring Video Conferencing To Have Fun
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

We are living in a strange time right now. We are relying more and more on video conferencing for work and our daily life. Video conferencing has a fascinating history. We think video conferencing is not that old, but in reality, the technology started developing in the late 1870s. There were a lot of failures along the way, but people kept working at it. The worldwide web (the internet) has made possible what we have today. Video conferencing until 2020 was used exclusively for businesses to keep in touch with remote offices and those few workers who worked from home. Then the pandemic hit, and more people worked from home, and video conferencing became part of the daily work life. Since people couldn’t visit with family, they started to use video conferencing to see their family and friends. Seeing them on video conferencing is much more fun than just talking on the phone. 

But with everything is not back to normal yet, we are missing out on the pleasures of life and being stuck at home all day working and dealing with your kid’s homeschooling. Both you and your family need more fun in your lives. Here are a few things to take advantage of your video conferencing software and have some fun.

Cocktail hour/mocktail hour

We all miss hanging out with friends, just like your children. We all miss going to the local hangout having a drink, and sharing what is going on in our life. Some people have cocktail hour on their favorite video calls. Some companies have even set up cocktail hour with their employees. Everyone gathers on the video conferencing with their favorite drinks and food and hangs out having fun. Why not include your children and their friends. Come up with great mocktails for all the children to drink and have a great time with you and your friends.  

Play Dates

Playdates are a great way for you and your kids to get out of the house and enjoy some fun. Or maybe your home is where all your kids’ friends come for playdates. In these times, some parents do not want to risk all the kids playing together. What about using a video conference call to have a play date. They can arrange to play board games. My kids love to play Battleship with their friends on video conferencing. I think it is because they get to cheat without their friends seeing it. They even play dice games with their friends on the video conference call.

Playing with friends
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Live table gambling

It is nice to see casinos are thinking outside the box and starting live table games. Some people are not fans of slot machines and tend to stay away from online slots games for gambling entertainment. Why not sit at the same table with your friends while sitting in the comfort of your home. Borgata is one casino that has taken the next step to online gambling. There is a game for everyone with live dealers for blackjack, roulette, poker, and even baccarat. If you missed live table games, Borgata online casino is for you. 

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Family Dinner with the whole family

Family dinners have anyways been a way to stay close to your family. Saturday or Sunday lunch at the grandparents has stopped for most people during these times. But they do not have to stop. Think outside the box. What about ordering your favorite dishes from the local restaurant and have dinner together over a video conference. Video conference is a great way to invite the whole family. You may not have been able to fit the entire family around your dinner table. Now you can with video conferencing.

Gender Reveal Party

Everyone is always excited about finding out the sex of their baby. A gender reveal party on video conferencing is an excellent way for all your friends and family to share the experience with you. Why not send your friends and family a color smoke bomb? Everyone can set off their smoke bomb at the same time to reveal the sex of your baby. 


We do not have to look at video conferencing only for work. Take advantage of what is around you to enjoy life. Life might be demanding right now, but do not let it get you down. You might not be able to get out much, but that does not mean you have to be a loner at home. Video conferencing can bring back the fun in life.

Featured Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash