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How The Role of a Project Manager in Software Development Is Important

How The Role of a Project Manager in Software Development Is Important
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Software development is the process of converting an Idea into its visible and usable software form. This software can be System Software, Programming Software, Application Software, or embedded software. Although software developers, Programmers, and Software engineers do all work and put all their coding skills, it’s upon the role of the Project Manager in any software development program that decides its success or failures.

The Project Manager needs to discuss with clients for overall SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), Software ideas, Project Research, Project timelines, Project Budget. If needed, negotiate with Clients for any changes in the project’s total cost and targets. Simultaneously, the Project Manager also needs to chalk out a complete Software Development plan for its software development team.

This Software Development plan includes the application of the software/project, Project Activities Schedule, Risk identification, assessment, and control. The role of the project manager in software development is not only limited to these activities. The Project leader also needs to keep informed of the Top executives about the recent development and challenges in Project development. You can hire dedicated developers and your project manager can control them.

Majorly, the Project Manager is supposed to manage all for employing a dedicated project team on Software Development Projects. He is given a free hand to select and create a dedicated software development team capable of completing the project within timelines. Besides all these things, the role of a project manager is much more than just keeping an eye on a project till its successful completion.

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Project Manager’s Role in Software Development

  • Project Leader – A Project Manager must have or possess the skills of a good leader. And is capable of bringing in a good pool of talent into their Project teams. And must be able to motivate the team to work and complete tasks within short targets.
  • Mentor – A Project Manager should sometimes act as a mentor. When a team is in trouble, the Project Manager can mentor the team using his expertise, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • Project Controller – This one is the most important role of a Project Manager. The Project Manager should always keep a sharp eye on the project development. And must be able to expect delays or problems well before time to come with a safe alternative plan. The Project Manager should also be capable of checking and maintaining the quality standard.
  • Liaison – The Project Manager is the key person between the Client, Management, and Software development teams. The Communication needs to be clear amongst the entire team member so that the end result will be the same and within the timeline. There should be no information lag which can end up with extended timelines and even incomplete projects.

These are some Roles a Project Manager has to play while working on a Software Development Project. Along with Roles, a Project manager is also bound with some responsibilities, which need to properly carry out from time to time.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Majorly a Project Manager’s responsibilities are categorized into two major categories. i.e

  1. Project Planning
  2. Project Monitoring and Control

Project Planning

Once the feasibility of the projects has been confirmed, software development shifted to its next stage, i.e., Project Planning. In this stage, the Project Manager uses various Project Estimation Techniques like Top-down estimates, Bottom-up estimates, Parametric Estimates, What-if analysis, and many more.

Project Planning is a very crucial stage for any software development project, as a little error in making correct estimation can lead to extended schedules or even project failure. Key responsibilities of a Project Manager within a Project Planning are Estimates, Scheduling, Staffing, Ontime Access, and Risk Management.

Project Monitoring and Control

Once all the Software development Planning is done successfully, the software development life cycle moves to another development stage. In the Software Development Stage Project, Manager’s responsibilities will now be increased with Project Monitoring and Control.

Project Managers need to ensure that all the goals, sub-goals are met within the estimated time. There should be no cost increment above the estimated costs. And if there are going to be some delay or cost increments, sufficient measures have been taken within time to control the issues.

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