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How to Play Roulette Smartly

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Pick a number, pick a color. How hard can roulette get?

The answer to that is – not very. Roulette is a usual go to for beginners when gambling especially because it is both easy to understand and play. However, because it is so easy people tend to just throw in their bets and leave it to luck. Yes, gambling is mostly chance. However, it doesn’t mean that you have no control over mindlessly blowing all your dough.

Don’t believe the nonsense. Your Roulette wheel does not retain anything and it is not teasing you.  You might still get a red on the 6th spin. Just because it has been red too many times doesn’t mean the next will be black. Heck, it can go on for hours on the red. No matter how much statistics you apply the probability of the next spin is always the same as the last.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Here are some tips to play roulette smartly on your next trip.

Don’t Pick Numbers on Anyone’s Advice

Regret comes when you don’t follow your heart. Cheesy, but true. If you follow someone else’s strategy on how to pick numbers you would end up more disappointed, especially because you’d feel as if you had lost on another person’s account. Go ahead and choose what suits you best. Birthdays, ages, bus routes – go with whatever your heart desires.

Don’t Bet Against Yourself

Your strategy needs to be in your favor. Create a betting strategy that you can control into your advantage instead of defeating itself. For example, why would you bet on a black and red simultaneously? That will only result in a tie or a complete loss. Sometimes covering all bases isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Positive Progression Betting

One technique that roulette enthusiasts take advantage of is the theory of Positive Progression. In positive progression, the participant wagers a set of single numbers straight up, if they hit they take their 35-1 winnings, double their original bet, keep the change, and hope to hit one of their Straight Up bets again. If the player keeps winning, they can keep betting higher, but always with the spare going back to their personal fund.

Don’t be Greedy.

There’s no actual one way to be sure of a win at roulette. You can bet on everything and win one definitely, but end up lose more. A marriage between smart betting and lady luck is the only way you can save yourself on a loss. If you are having a streak, know when to stop. Don’t be greedy. Get out when you have ample winnings.

Craft Your Betting Style

Since I don’t advise you to be in a casino every day unless you work there, one good way to practice and craft your betting style is by going online to play online roulette. Online roulette is a fun way to get the hang of roulette without the pressures of being in a over enthralling casino environment.

There you go, enjoy your next roulette game, and good luck!

Good luck!