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Gifts For A Gamer

Do you have a close friend, significant other, or other person close to you in life who’s a gamer? Maybe they have a birthday coming up, or maybe you just want to give them a gift because you’re such a generous soul. Good for you. Let’s look at some possibilities that any hard core gamer will go bananas over.


This is number one on our list because it’s something super under-rated and it’s often the last thing a gamer buys in terms of equipment. But you can imagine the gratitude when your gamer slides into one of the best gaming chairs available. These don’t generally come cheap (although there are deals out there), but you will generally earn gratitude for life by buying one of those babies.

There’s three brands that you should really look at when buying a gaming chair. The first is X Rocker. These are affordable yet premium in quality and most come with built in speakers to really enhance your gaming experience. They tend to range from $100 to $400 and are very robust in build. Super comfortable and the optimal ergonomics for gaming.
Next is Merax gaming chairs, which are more aligned to the desktop gamer rather than consoles which are normally played at a distance from the screen and in low set gaming chairs.
Lastly, you might want to check out Vertagear racing series. These can double up as office chairs. Like the Merax chairs, these are for PC gamers and are probably the most comfiest office / gaming chairs on the market.


This is a more complex issue. The good news is that the budget for one of these is typically a fraction of the budget for a good gaming chair. The bad news is that designs and tastes in keyboards vary tremendously. Find out what kind of backlighting and keyboard feel etc. your gamer prefers before making a purchase. This is usually easily accomplished by finding out exactly what your gamer doesn’t like about the keyboard he or she uses.


Monitors for gaming have different core criteria than, say, monitors for graphic design, or just for watching movies and the like. Be sure you are buying a proper monitor designed for gaming if you’re going to get one of these babies, and make sure the salesperson isn’t just blowing smoke at you. Do your research on this one and you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your gamer!


This is the most budget item on the list, and probably the one also that is the most specific to taste. There are lots and lots of options here. Once again, the strategy is the same as that of buying a keyboard: find out what’s wrong with the current mouse in use by your gamer and buy something that improves on that and you can’t go wrong.


This is last on the list, just because it’s really hard to know if your gamer is going to like a headset he or she doesn’t try out himself first. For this reason it’s actually not super recommended to get a headset as a gift. We would say it’s better to stick with the items listed above.