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Improve Your Bedroom

We’ve often talked about bathrooms on here, and this is no doubt not without good reason to do so. Men tend to neglect their bathrooms, and bathrooms are, in general, an underrated part of the home. However, this time we are going to focus a bit on the bedroom.

Single men will be bringing their potential conquests here. Committed men may or may not be doing the same thing. We are not here to judge you. The point is that a bedroom should look good enough not to get in the way of a potential conquest. Even if you are happily involved in a committed marriage, your bedroom should be a place that is conducive to love and romance, not necessarily in that order.

Simple Fixes:

For example, something like a simple constellation projector can cheaply and instantly upgrade the environment in the bedroom with the lights low enough at night (when it matters most, of course). People often think of these things as toys and only for children, when they are really neither. Some of the better ones allow you to conjure up realistic images of the sky from all over the world, complete with nice features like aurora borealis, shooting stars, etc.

Moving Forward:

Where you actually want to start is the paint and the floor.

Make sure your bedroom paint is a good color. This is, first and foremost, the key to a comfortable and appealing bedroom. The author would recommend you go with deeper, darker colors, as pastels and the like are better suited for kids. Adults need something a little more passionate if you get my drift.

Now let’s talk about your bedroom’s floor. Here, you have options. A plush carpet is nice if you can afford it, and if you don’t have any allergies or respiratory issues, that could change that. Nice hardwood is also nice, especially in the winter and cold climates. If you have the budget, wooden ceilings in cold climates are warming and make the place much more comfortable on those cold winter nights.


One thing that will cost you absolutely nothing (or next to nothing)is to organize your bedroom better. Make the best use of closet space. If you have to, buy some cheap vertical organizers, and go to town. Clutter is an absolute no-no in a bedroom and can even interfere with proper sleep hygiene.