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Get People Ho-ho-ho-ing With These Humorous Xmas Gift Ideas

Stuck on Christmas gift ideas? Humour is always a great solution, certain to bring happiness to your friends and loved ones. There are two rules to follow. 1) you probably don’t want to spend too much on something silly and inane. 2) you want to keep the humor friendly – feel free to take a dig, but make sure the humor isn’t too personal. Here are just a few gag gift ideas.

For your office colleagues

Office colleagues are some of the ideal people to buy humorous gifts for – you might not have a clear idea of their interests, plus you probably don’t want to spend too much money on them. Ties and pens are likely to remind people of the daily grind. Humorous gifts take people away from the seriousness of the job, making them much more suited.

There are all kinds of novelty gag gifts out there perfect for Secret Santa at the office. Mugs are an obvious choice for your coffee-drinking colleagues. Think beyond the usually funny message printed on the side and look for odd-shaped coffee cups. There are mugs in the shape of camera lenses and even mugs in the shape of a toilet.

You can also buy various desk toys that also have a practical organizational purpose. For instance, you can buy a mini Henry hoover that actually sucks up dust and crumbs – perfect for that colleague with the messy desk.

For the woman in your life

You’ll probably want to buy a couple romantic gifts, but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t also add some humor to the occasion.

For the girl that loves a glass of wine now and again, consider creatively shaped wine glasses such as upside-down wine glasses or oversized champagne flutes. You can even buy a bell for ringing when it’s time to top up her wine.

For showing some self-deprecation and putting the joke on you, there are also plenty of gifts such as a fart extinguisher or this anti-sarcasm breath spray.

Don’t forget private jokes relating to experiences the two of you have been through. Think of souvenirs of funny places you went to, or reminders of awful films you saw or bad food you both ate.

For the man in your life

When buying for the man in your life, it’s worth also throwing a couple of romantic gifts in there. However, there are plenty of funny gifts to try out too.

For a hairy man, consider beard grooming kits or beard Christmas baubles as a quirky beard-related gift

Meanwhile, for the bedroom, there’s plenty of Christmas underwear for men. You could also consider funny messaged duvet covers and pillowcases.

If your man is into toilet humor, there are also lots of fun bathroom gags. You can buy toilet paper in all kinds of designs from dollar note toilet paper to cheese grater-themed toilet paper. There are meanwhile plenty of games out there such as mini toilet golf toilet rugs.

For the kids

There are plenty of gag gifts for kids that can be great stocking fillers. There are all kinds of chocolates and sweets out there that can have a fun element including super-sour sweets. You can also buy silly gifts like inflatable animal heads and Mr Potato Heads themed around the Incredible Hulk and Doctor Who.

Unicorns are in at the moment and are a good theme for a gift for little girls. Gifts such as unicorn finger puppets could be a funny stocking filler.

For music-loving kids, creative themed earphones could be a cool gift to try.

When you’re skint

Whilst most of these novelty gifts are unlikely to be expensive, there are lots of funny DIY gift ideas that could be worth trying out if you’re on a tight budget.

If you’ve got an empty jar, you can fill it with sweets such as skittles and put a label on the front reading ‘chill pills’. You could even supply a plastic bag of marbles and label it ‘lost marbles’ for a useless but funny gag gift.