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The Complete Men’s Underwear Guide 

Men's Underwear Guide 
Image by Kenneth McAndrew from Pixabay

The Complete Men’s Underwear Guide

Every modern man needs a curated wardrobe for every life situation and circumstance. That’s a fact. And each outfit starts with proper underwear. There are so many options to choose from style and fabric to functionality and personal preference. If you’re looking to upgrade or completely renew your underwear drawer, it’s best to get familiar with all the choices before filling your shopping cart with stuff that just won’t work.  Check out our Men’s Underwear Guide.

Men's Underwear Guide 
Image by Kenneth McAndrew from Pixabay

Some history

According to FashionBeans.com, the first record of anything resembling underwear dates back to around 7,000 years ago and takes the form of Ancient Egypt’s loincloth: a strip of fabric wound and fastened around its wearer’s delicates.

After centuries of trial and error, the usually long underwear finally gave way to briefs that appeared in the 1930s. During the 20th century, the two main underwear styles were the fore-mentioned briefs and shorts, otherwise known as boxers. Popular culture and advertising during the 90s exploded the fashion and importance of underwear, and today, what you wear under is just as important as your other clothes.


Let’s start with the most common underwear styles and when they work best. 


This classic and widely popular style focuses on support and comfort. The back offers full coverage, and the front exposes the thighs. 

Briefs are favored by active men who are always on the move or spend more time at the gym. They’re also irreplaceable under slim trousers or jeans under which you don’t want too much fabric. From a design perspective, briefs are great for men with larger thighs and shorter men as they expose more leg and make them look taller. Make sure you look for quality fabric to avoid the “tighty-whitey” look and quick wear and tear. 


Another popular style is the boxers. They are famous for their breathability that comes at the cost of not that much support. 

Luckily, these days designers and manufacturers have made significant advancements, and the classic baggy boxer look is not the only option you have. Shorter, slimmer, and stretchier boxers started ruling the shops.

Boxers might not be the best choice for men with larger thighs or very active men as chaffing, sweating, and sores can occur. Boxers make perfect sleepwear though, just make sure they’re made of natural fabrics like cotton and are stretchy enough to keep you comfortable. 

Boxer briefs

Photo by Esteban Bernal on Unsplash

Like a cronut, boxer briefs are a blend of the two styles. They come in the boxer shape and are made of fitted material as briefs do. Boxer briefs are a perfect choice for men who love boxers but wear slimmer trousers. This type of underwear offers more support but is not too revealing and protect thighs from chaffing. 


As FreshPair.com explains, trunk style underwear is similar to a boxer brief but has shorter legs and a square-cut silhouette. Trunks usually have a body-hugging fit and can be worn comfortably with just about anything.

The length of trunks is usually from mid to upper thigh, and the fabrics are generally stretchy. It’s an excellent choice for guys with slimmer legs as there’s less fabric flapping around than with boxers, and their waistline is a little lower. 

Choosing fabrics

It’s not just choosing the style that works for you. It’s also essential to understand the fabrics and decide what works in which situation. Here are some most commonly used fabrics.


Cotton is a classic and traditional fabric that works on most occasions (that’s why it’s so popular!). The key to buying cotton underwear is paying attention to their quality, as cheap cotton will quickly wear out and lose color. 


Fan-favorite jersey is lightweight, has some stretch to it (but not too much), and is excellent for active men. 


Microfibre underwear is breathable, lightweight, and durable and, if properly made, can match natural fibers. It’s a popular option for active men as it has moisture-wicking properties.


Usually used for sports underwear, the mesh is breathable, light, and sometimes heat sensitive. Not for everyday wear, but a gym bag staple.


Silk is known for its softness, insulation, strength and is a common choice among underwear designers. However, it’s quite expensive and sensitive to wash and wear, so it’s now usually a luxury rather than an everyday item.

Last but not least

Here are a couple of other things you should know:


Make sure you know your proper size. Men often wear too small or too large underwear and later wonder how they’re so uncomfortable all the time! Too small underwear can cut off circulation, cause the skin to chaff, and too large make you feel like you need to adjust all the time.

Stock up

It seems logical to have a pair for each day. However, if you stock up and have a larger rotation, the underwear will last longer and won’t lose color or break too quickly. 


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