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Five Out of The Box Date Ideas

Five Out of The Box Date Ideas
Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels

Many have not quite known what to do when it comes down to date night, with some finding that the traditional tried-and-tested methods do not always cut it and can actually go down as a failure in some cases. What we need are some unique date ideas.

Indeed, while we all love to go out and have something to eat and drink or go to the movies and watch the latest blockbuster film, these dates can be argued to be rather boring, uninspiring, and perhaps rather unoriginal at times, especially if someone is looking to impress the person that they are taking on a date.

Many different activities can be done when going on a date, with some perhaps a little out of the box. However, they could have the desired impact in providing something rather different and memorable.


One date idea that could be had is to go to a casino. It is not a destination that is always immediately thought of, but there is no reason why a date at a casino establishment could not be the source for a good night’s entertainment.

It is incredibly different from many other date ideas as it will provide those going on the night out to get dressed up for an occasion that might not be experienced too often, while also incorporating the ability to have some fancy food and drink, while also having fun playing some of the best casino games possible; perhaps a romance themed slot game could be played to help keep the date going well?

In addition to the games and restaurants, casinos continue to provide a plethora of different live entertainment acts, with plenty of music being played. In contrast, others may even have magic shows that can be watched. A casino truly offers everything and all in one place!

Karaoke Bar

Admittedly, it can be the type of date that will either be loved or hated; there certainly is no middle ground when it comes down to Karaoke Bars.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

Visiting a Karaoke Bar can be a great way for two people to get to know each other’s personalities and see if they are the same and can match up. Everyone might find it embarrassing and cheesy at the same time, but if you both love it, then perhaps more dates can follow in the future?


With numerous museums available – and many of them free to visit – they can be a rather good and different date that could work out well and provide a rather unique experience. With so many museums dedicated to a host of things, those going on a date could look to go to one of the wackier exhibitions, or they could go to one where they can get up to all sorts of fun. Such as at a science museum!


What better way is there to spend with someone on a date than to spend time helping others? Whether it be a charity that is close to both hearts or whether it simply be aiding an organization with animals, showing that you both care about the same thing could be more impactful for a relationship than going out for just the traditional food and drink at a restaurant.

Featured Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels