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Fantastic Venues to Host Gentlemen’s Events in Milton Keynes

Venues to Host Gentlemen's Events
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Fantastic Venues to Host Gentlemen’s Events in Milton Keynes

Even today when there are a number of anti-discrimination laws in effect in the UK, there is still a huge number of functions that appeal more to gentlemen than to the ladies. Of course, women are also welcomed in most cases, but it’s nice to get away with the guys from time to time to discuss certain activities and sports that are most appealing to men. No matter how far we’ve come to integrate the sexes, there are just some events that are, quite frankly, better suited to gentlemen. Milton Keynes is one town in the UK that offers some fantastic venues where gentlemen can host events that are popular among men.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Snozone – The Ultimate Experience in Thrills

Whilst sporting events draw crowds from both genders, sometimes the men just like to mix a little pleasure with business. When it comes to a business conference catering to a large group of men, what better venue could there be than an amazing venue that offers Alpine activities? When it comes to team building, this type of event is perfect for the guys. Ladies, of course, are also welcome but few choose to compete with men in such things as indoor rock climbing, skydiving and bowling. Many wives do come along with their husbands but because of the luxury of hotels such as those found on ihg.com, they opt to stay behind for a day of shopping and chatting up other wives they haven’t seen since the last event.

Millbrook Proving Ground for Motorcar Expos

Just outside of Milton Keynes there is a super venue for such gentlemen’s events as motorcar expos. This year in 2015 the Millbrook Proving Ground hosted the Private Hire & Taxi Expo and in 2016 the same event is set to transpire on 18 – 19 May. It is the same event as usual in the same city but is now held at a venue that is more conducive to this type of display. Whether looking to book a classic motorcar event, a tool expo or other event in the motorcar industry, Millbrook Proving Ground on the outskirts of town is ideal.

Venues for Training and Large Product Displays

Not to exclude the ladies, but there are just some products that come as part and parcel in a man’s world. Just like the Millbrook Proving Ground is ideal for motorcar events, some of the larger venues in Milton Keynes can host new product lines in heavy machinery which often are hosted by men, for men. When it comes to such industries as plumbing and welding, few ladies are employed in this field. With an unusually large loading area in the back, the Milton Keynes Theatre is perfect for heavy machinery and can seat an audience up to 1400 in number. If you are looking to host a global event in large equipment, this particular facility has everything you need to make the conference a huge success.

Again, the lines between the sexes have become obscured but in reality, there are just some types of events that cater more to gentlemen than the ladies. If you are looking for a venue where you can host more than 1,000 gentlemen and still have room to display product or offer training sessions, take a look at the venues in Milton Keynes. If you are going to find it in the UK, you will find it right here.

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