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The Essential Men’s Style Guide For EDM

EDM is the latest craze in the fashion world, especially when it comes to kids who want to be cool. It’s not enough to grab a ticket to your favorite festival, you also have to be fashionable, as all you friends are going to be there. You have to show off a little, so let’s see how you can dress for your favorite festival. There are six basic archetypes, as you’re going to see in a moment. Keep on reading, and decide which one of the Men’s Style Guide For EDM is yours.


  1. The Debutant

Going to a dance music festival for the first time in your life is a memorable experience. You have to prepare yourself for the big moment. Avoid wearing gear that’s too offensive, as you may want to see how others look before deciding to wear eccentric outfits yourself. All you need is a good pair of shoes, as you’re probably going to dance like crazy for many hours in a row. You may want to wear an accessory to let all others know you’re the new kid on the block. A baseball cap would be just perfect.


  1. The Shuffler

Shufflers are here only to dance as much as they can. Their ultimate goal is to be able to dance without restrictions, so they seek for the lightest possible outfits. They don’t want to carry around unnecessary weight, as they want to feel free to move “like Jager“. Dance is all that matters to them.

  1. The Hipster

A hipster is one of the rare birds that like electronic music. They like to go to festivals and critique the performance of the main artists. They also like to comment on their favorite social media channels about the major changes in the field of electronic music. Most hipsters buy their outfits at the op shop, but there are some who stick to the classic look.

  1. The Muscle

You’ve been lifting weights and drinking protein shakes all winter long, so now it’s time to show off. The two day party you have to face is going to exhaust you, so you need to make sure you’re going to make it. Our recommendation is that you wear a cool pair of shorts, your favorite shades and dance sneakers – perhap like these from Getlitshoes. Forget bums bags, as they aren’t an option on this special occasion.

  1. The VIP

These are the people who have made efforts all year, in order to make sure they are going to survive the Stereosonic. The VIP pass is perfect, as it saves you from all those long queues and dirty toilets. You’re going to have the best view and sparkling clean toilets. The VIP guys are probably going to spend their festival days talking nonsense, but that’s OK, as they are going to look awesome.

  1. The DJ Wannabe

Your coolest Threadless t-shirt is going to be a reasonable choice for this festival, but you may want to look into the opportunity of investing in some DJ-like clothes to make you look like David Guetta or Super Greg.

Men’s Style Guide For EDM Conclusion

Choose the EDM that fits your personality