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Men’s Wedding Rings in Sydney

The do’s and don’ts of men’s jewelry

The art of men’s jewelry is a tricky one to master, as there are lots of do’s and don’ts that surround this topic. However, as the concept of the metrosexual man is something that is becoming more and more popular, there is less of a stigma surrounding what men should and shouldn’t wear and all types of jewelry have become more socially acceptable for men. Long gone are the days when men don’t wear wedding rings because they don’t like jewelry and many modern men now also wear an engagement ring.

However, there are still a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to men’s jewelry and this is something that any professional working for a jewelry company will be able to offer advice on. In order to find good deals on men’s wedding rings in Sydney or indeed in any big city anywhere in the world, the internet is a great tool to use.

But which type of ring should a man wear and why?

Considerations …


Well, first of all just like with women, which ring should be worn will come down to the following:

  • Personal choice
  • Individual taste
  • Style preference
  • Budget

How much should be spent on which design is all about a person’s individual situation and this is no different when a man is choosing a piece of jewelry.

Do Keep it Simple/Don’t Have an Arm Party

Don’t have an arm party by wearing a whole heap of bracelets on one arm, as this looks tacky and over the top. Keep it to a maximum of two or three items per arm, including a watch and this will keep the look current and stylish rather than too feminine.

To Pinky or Not to Pinky?

This one again comes down to personal style. What look a man is going for will affect whether or not a pinky ring is a step too far in the feminine direction, so consider the overall desired look when working out whether to wear a ring on the little finger or not.

Do Mix and Match/Don’t go OTT


Mixing and matching by wearing cufflinks and ID bracelets is a great look but avoid the following:

  • Don’t wear bracelets, ID bracelets, a watch and cufflinks all at once
  • Don’t wear a mixture of gold and silver – choose one and stick with it
  • Ensure it all works together by choosing similar styles

It’s a good idea to keep it fairly simple and not overdo the jewelry, as it is easy to look vulgar.

Choosing a Wedding Ring

K-Sta men’s wedding rings in Sydney is a great example of the type of company that can help any man to find the perfect wedding ring.

Think about everything from the design to the thickness of the band and which metal it should be made from, and many men often prefer a plain band, however again – this comes down to personal style and taste, as there are plenty of other options for those who are feeling more flamboyant.

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