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5 Tips to picking the best band in Brisbane for your wedding

music band for the big wedding day

Music is important in any wedding which is why a lot of couples invest in live wedding music bands on their special day. Aside from the entertainment value it gives to your guests, it also makes it a more memorable event. While it’s not a wedding necessity comparable to the food catering, it’s something nice to have if live music is a priority for you. If you’re holding your special day in Brisbane, you’ll be amazed to know that there are a lot of options in store for you. Brisbane is home to several talented bands that fits all audiences and budgets. But before you place your money on one, here are 5 tips to picking the best band in Brisbane for your wedding:

  1. Choose a band locally

local music band in Brisbane
When choosing a music band to play at your wedding, choose a local one that you can reach out to easily. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about communication and accessibility. Ask around if some of your friends or family know a Brisbane-based wedding band. Their feedback and recommendation is important especially if you’re just starting to build your list of potential bands. By getting a local band, you not only save time and money because of proximity, you also help support the local music industry in Brisbane.

  1. Check out their demo videos

Any up and rising band would set up a social media page where they can be followed easily. Check out their pages and look at their live videos. Do they have experience playing at weddings? How’s their audience impact and rapport? A lot of these things you can find in their social media pages, then you can judge for yourself if they’re a good fit for your wedding.

  1. Give them a list of songs you like

To make it easier for you to decide, make a list of songs you want to be played at your wedding. Give these to your band with a considerable amount of lead time so they can think about it and practice. Maybe they can even send you a demo of one your chosen songs. Get the band’s opinion on the songs you chose, ask them if they can do it, what style they’ll be doing it, and so on. It’s important for the band to know your preferences so a couple of songs would help them a lot in establishing other songs to put in their playlist.

  1. Establish a style and genre

What kind of mood do you want to achieve in your wedding reception? Are you going for classical and formal, or fun and energetic? Different bands, different genres. If you want a solemn and elegant wedding, you might need to get an instrumental band. If you’re going for a wild party after the ceremony, by all means get a rock band of your choice, maybe even add a DJ!

  1. Consider your budget

There is no set price for a band once you commission them for your wedding. It’s all going to depend on your requirements. How many hours are they playing? How many band members do you need? How many songs? Are they going to accept song requests? Do you need a duo, trio, or more? As you can see, there are many factors that come into play with regards to pricing a music band for your wedding. It’s best to chat them up and give all your specs and try to explain your needs to see how you can negotiate and tailor-fit their services to your budget.