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Home Or Away – Is Starting Life Abroad Still A Realistic Venture?

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Most modern gentlemen have considered moving abroad at one time or another. The thought of great weather, a better job, hotter girlfriend and improved standard of living provide ample motivation. However, it’s important to approach this prospect in a responsible and realistic manner.   

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important aspects to consider. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a far better indication.

Can I Travel?
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Advancements in international travel have seen millions of people get the travel bug. However, a few weekend city breaks and the annual week abroad isn’t the same as permanently moving. First of all, you need to think about your current commitments and ties. For a lot of people, those items are the main reason to stay put.

Then again, the best opportunities in life are often the scariest. Sometimes in life, you just have to do what feels right for you. Having said that, there are still other elements to consider such as the working visas and citizenship applications. Those will change massively from one country to the next, so you’ll need to conduct some research into this.

Verdict: This is arguably the biggest stumbling block, but the majority can find a winning solution.

Where Will I Live?
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There’s a big world out there, and the exact situation will depend largely on where you move to. Nonetheless, finding a home is one of the most important challenges of all. This Singapore hdb bto guide will teach you about affordable housing in the Asian country. Similar schemes are available in other parts of the world too.

Getting onto the property ladder is a lot easier in some of those countries than it is back home. Of course, renting is an option also. If you’re already a homeowner and have concerns about giving up your current property, why not rent it out. This will serve as a safety net in case you decide to move back home, and also provides a secondary source of income.   

Verdict: This is far less daunting than you probably fear. 

What About Work?
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As an English-speaking individual with career skills and experience, finding a job shouldn’t be hard. In a world where international business is more common than ever, companies are screaming out for employees like you. As long as you pick up the local language too, you’ll be set for a very rewarding career. It’s always worth learning before you leave for the new life.

In today’s climate, freelance opportunities are equally rewarding. When moving to a location where living costs are smaller, working on a freelance basis for a U.S company could open up a very nice standard of living. Meanwhile, relocation is an option to help local communities and teach English as a second language.

Verdict: With online communications, you can probably have this sorted before you leave.

And Staying In Contact With Loved Ones Back Home?

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Modern technology has come on leaps and bounds. So, while there’s no substitute for being in the same room as your loved ones, video chats do soften the blow. Furthermore, you can take turns visiting each other to maintain that strong relationship. This also offers the chance to create new and magical memories for years to come.

The harsh reality is that you’ll find that a lot of friendships end or at least fade. However, the long distances will make you appreciate the real friendships more than ever. Besides, the fact that you’ll create a whole host of new friends in the new country will easily compensate for any lost bonds. Overall, your life should see a noticeable improvement thanks to this.

Verdict: Absolutely nothing to worry about here.

Are My Savings Safe?
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Depending on where you plan to move to, there may be inheritance laws and taxes that need to be considered. This can certainly throw a spanner into the works, but it needn’t derail your hopes of relocating. The best option is to speak to an international lawyer from the country you are proposing to move to. They will give you the full information regarding the situation.

Even if there are difficulties to consider, there may be ways around it. If you are retaining a registered address back at the old home, you can also keep some of your assets here. It’s not a long-term solution for anyone that does move permanently. Still, it’s one example of how you can avoid being hit too hard when starting a new life in a new country.

Verdict: This can be tricky, but it needn’t stand in your way of emigrating.   

How Will I Know Which Country To Move To?
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With a whole world waiting to be discovered, pinpointing the place that you wish to live in can be the hardest step of the process. However, this list of popular places for migrant workers can point you in the right direction. Or you may find that speaking to friends and relatives about their experiences of relocating can be very helpful.  

Just remember that this is a chance to explore the world. So, if there’s a particular part of the world that appeals due to its attractions and special events, you should take this into account. Just make sure it boasts the right balance between recreational enjoyment and satisfying living needs. The fact you’re even considering it suggests you’re not 100% happy where you are. Don’t forget it.  

Verdict: This is a crucial decision, but don’t overthink it. Follow your heart, and you won’t go wrong.

The Final Verdict

There’s no one right or wrong answer to this one, and you’ll need to take your situation into account. If you already boast a secure and well-paid job, a great home, and a good lifestyle, appreciate it. The grass might not be greener on the other side and you may find that an extended holiday is better.

However, if you feel that your life is calling for a change of scenery and new challenges, there’s never been a better time to take the leap of faith.