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4 Selection Tips to Identify the Best Vape for You

4 Selection Tips to Identify the Best Vape for You
Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

The variety of styles and types of devices in the world of vaping can be quite troublesome for a beginner. Since you should consider a vaping device an investment, you have to ensure you’re choosing the device that’ll fit your needs. Fortunately, this article will present four selection tips that you should definitely consider before getting into vaping. 

Without further ado, here are some tips to identify the best vape for you, allowing you to vape like a gentleman:

1. Determine the type of vape

 As mentioned, there are different types of vaping devices available on the market today such as a vape pod system, each of which has its respective pros and cons. But all these devices can bring you the satisfaction you need each time you use one. To help you make an informed decision, here are the most popular types of vaping devices to identify the best vape for you:

  • Disposable vapes: Disposable vapes have become the go-to option for both seasoned and beginner vapers alike due to their convenience and hassle-free nature. As the name suggests, you simply have to purchase one, puff away, and dispose of it. There is no need to change the coils, refill e-liquids, or charge the device. Also, the best disposable vapes come in a variety of flavors, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your liking. 
  • Vape pens: Similar to disposable vapes, a vape pen is also known for its convenience. But what makes it different from the former is the latter has a battery, tank, and safety features. Vape pens automatically shut off after a couple of seconds of being idle. Most vape pens can handle e-juice with 12 mg of nicotine, and its firing rate can go up to 80 watts, making it the go-to option for heavy smokers who just transitioned to vaping. (1)
  • Box mod: This type of device is large and bulky since it has external batteries. What makes a box mod the preferred choice for many is the freedom to adjust the temperature settings and the voltage. So if you want more control, the box mod should be your first choice. Not many beginners go with box mods since the control options. The ability to mod these devices is why experienced vapers choose box mods. (1)
box vapes
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2. Choose between mouth to lung or direct to lung

Mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) mainly refer to how smoke will reach your lung, and a vaping device can be categorized as either MTL or DTL. How the smoke reaches your lungs will impact your overall vaping experience. Here’s a quick explanation between the two:

  • MTL: This method involves the classic way of inhaling smoke already familiar to all smokers. Using an MTL device is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. Since MTL devices basically mimic cigarettes, they’re usually portable as well a long battery life. (2) 
  • DTL: Also known as direct inhale vaping, this method means you directly inhale the vapor straight to your lungs as if you were smoking a shisha. Since DTL devices generally use sub-ohm devices—meaning the user is vaping at a lesser resistance—the coil has more power, resulting in bigger clouds and richer flavor. Additionally, these devices are bulky by nature as it requires two to four batteries to generate the necessary power. (2)

3. Know the right wattage

In simplest terms, wattage is a measure of power used by an electronic device, including vapes. If the type of vaping device you choose allows you to adjust the wattage, it means you can determine the power your device will use, giving you the freedom to control how light or dense and smooth your vaping clouds will be.

Moreover, the wattage won’t be the same for all devices. The right one will be based on your preferences. But as a beginner, it’s wise to follow the recommended settings specified by the manufacturer, including wattage. By doing so, you won’t burn out your coil quickly, which is a hassle to change. (3)

Lastly, the nicotine levels of your e-juice will also determine the wattage. For instance, nicotine salts should never be paired with sub-ohm coils. This is because sub-ohm coils produce too much power, resulting in an unpleasant experience. Instead, nicotine salts should be paired with high resistance coils, around 1.2ohms, with a wattage of 11–15. (3)

4. Select the appropriate nicotine level

Speaking of nicotine, the last selection tip you need to consider is your e-juice’s nicotine level. Of course, the nicotine level is a subjective decision. But take note that vaping isn’t the same as smoking for nicotine delivery. So if you’re a heavy smoker, it’s best to start with a low nicotine level first, then start gradually rising up to know the right level.

When it comes to how the nicotine level influences the device, keep in mind that a small standard resistance device will generate less effective vapor. This is why users need higher nicotine content to satisfy their cravings while using this device. On the other hand, if you can control the device’s temperature, you can go back to lower nicotine levels. (4)

Also, if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded, stop vaping for a while. These might be signs of nicotine overdose. And if you constantly feel these symptoms, try to lower your nicotine level. Lastly, if you weren’t a smoker, it’s best to opt for an e-juice without any nicotine. (4)


Now that you know the basic selection tips to identify when buying the best vape devices for you, all that’s left for you to do now is to choose a reliable supplier. Make sure the supplier has the right vaping device for you and a variety of e-juices available. This eliminates the hassle of buying from two or more manufacturers to have a good vaping experience.

Lastly, you must remember that some e-juice contains nicotine, a dangerous and addictive substance. So ensure that you still vape responsibly, be concerned about your surroundings, and only puff in acceptable locations, never in public spaces. If you follow these guidelines you will identify the best vape for you.


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Featured Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay