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2021 Has Broken Records for Hacker Attacks, 2022 Promises to Be Even Worse

2021 Has Broken Records for Hacker Attacks, 2022 Promises To Be Even Worse
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Internet security is an increasingly pressing issue, and things will only get worse next year. So we need to make sure that we stay on the safe side when surfing the Internet and doing what we are used to and avoid hacker attacks.

If you are looking for reliable platforms that do not have “holes” in protection, you should check Zodiac Casino and similar sites. Anyway, there are some other effective approaches to safe Internet surfing. This review will focus on why experts predict an increase in hacker attacks in gambling in 2022. So keep reading to know how you can safeguard yourself. 

Data Leakage in Gambling – Experts Forecast for 2022

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) research, by the end of 2021, the number of data leaks exceeded the total number of leaks in 2020 by 17%. As for the coming year, Help Net Security is full of skepticism and expects further escalation of the situation. It cites the predictions of the analytical company Experian (the company is engaged in the preparation of reports on consumer loans), which will be relevant in 2022:

  • The cyber pandemic will continue: last year, security systems did not cope with the constantly changing conditions due to the widespread trend towards remote and hybrid operations. This led to the emergence of a huge number of vulnerabilities. This year, the situation has been exacerbated by the emergence of digital certificates. Experts insist that the next year will be even worse;
  • Online gambling platforms will also come under attack. So, players of gaming houses, especially new ones, are susceptible to attempts to phish data through dubious links and resources. Direct hacks are also expected due to the usually low-quality level of protection of gambling sites;
  • Crypto fans will also have a hard time; digital assets have gone mainstream, and Non-Fungible Tokens are catching up. This broadened the demographics of potential victims. In addition, there has been an increase in the proportion of legitimate transactions that have sometimes been attacked. It became apparent that these tools are much more vulnerable than previously thought;
  • Increasing attacks through middlemen. Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks occur when hackers infiltrate the interaction of two parties. By gaining access to traffic, hackers can filter and steal data;
  • DNS Tunneling Techniques have been modernized. This method is associated with using the DNS protocol to transfer non-DNS traffic over port 53. Hackers can extract data from online casinos and transfer it into their environment using DNS queries. 
  • Many cyber attacks will be directed against governmental and non-governmental organizations. So more and more hacker attacks will be directed at the systemic provision of physical objects, such as banks, which will increase the risk of deposits and withdrawals from casinos.
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Is It a Problem Actually?

In conclusion of this article, it is worth noting that the vice president of Experian Data Breach Resolution noted that while the planet is strenuously fighting the pandemic. Organizations worldwide are also trying to improve their security and protect themselves from the constantly emerging new methods of hacker interference.

Therefore, companies should not only try to comply with the “new normal” strengthen security protocols but also develop an action plan in case of a data breach or breach. Experts are especially concerned about the doubling of hacker ransomware.

Featured Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels