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The 7 Best Anime Goods in Japan!

The 7 Best Anime Goods in Japan!
Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

There are so many anime goods that you can’t decide what to buy. Therefore, this time, I will introduce recommended anime goods by ranking.

Some are fashionable, and some are convenient for storage (decoration).

Please have a look!

1) Figure

Japan is also known as a manga and anime powerhouse, and there are many goods related to manga and anime. “Anime figures” are a representative example, and Japanese anime figures attract worldwide attention due to their high reproducibility and quality. An example would be these Soul Eater figures

A toy is similar to an anime figure called a “doll .”Both are toys in the shape of characters, but what is the difference between the two? A doll is a toy that mainly imitates a person. On the other hand, anime figures are toys that imitate anime characters and include non-human products such as robots and vehicles. Also, since anime figures are made to reproduce anime, they faithfully reproduce the original work. The face and physique and the clothes and accessories are reproduced, which is a charm unique to anime figures.

There are various ways to decorate it, such as placing it on a desk or shelf or putting it in a case.

2) Mouse Pad

Currently, various anime mousepads are on sale. If you use a computer a lot, you definitely want a mouse pad of your favorite anime. 

If you work on a computer every day, why not take this opportunity to buy it?

3) Alarm clock (voice clock)

You can wake up every morning with the voice of your favorite character. If this is the case, even those who are weak in the morning may be able to get up refreshed.

4) Anime Zippo

A zippo can be carried in a bag without taking up space. In addition, various anime character zippo are on sale, so it may be easier to find items for recommended characters. It is recommended for smokers as well as those who do not smoke. There are also many fashionable anime zippo with good designs!

5) Tapestry

It’s an essential item to decorate the walls of your room. Unlike posters, it is a great item because you can easily adjust the position. It can also be rolled up and stored, so it’s easy when you want to clean up your room.

6) Keychain

The key chain is compact and can be carried around or attached to a bag or pouch, making it a popular item among anime goods.

7) Vinyl Pouch

Recently popular anime goods are vinyl pouches (slider cases). Practical pouches are a delightful item, but passbook-sized slider cases are becoming more popular because they can be used as mask cases daily.

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Featured Photo by mali maeder from Pexels