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7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for 2022

7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for 2022
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Smoothies are healthy if prepared right and provide all sorts of benefits. They are better because there are endless options since you can create all kinds of smoothie combinations.

We can lend a hand if you’re looking to start 2022 by making smoothies a part of your diet. Not all smoothies are beneficial. Some of them do more harm than good. You must prepare a healthy one at home that gets you the nutrients you need.

It’s easy enough to make a good smoothie if you have the right ingredients. The details we’ve shared below can tell you all about these ingredients and how you can prepare them, so keep reading to learn more about some healthy smoothie recipes.

What Will You Need To Get Started?

Many people might confuse you with smoothie preparation tips, which completely goes against the point of these drinks. They’re meant to be healthy, tasty, and convenient simultaneously. That’s why you won’t need anything special for the recipes we’re about to share.

The main thing to keep on you is a functional, powerful blender. Once you have that, there’s not much more to worry about. As for the specific ingredients you’ll be needing for each smoothie, those are given in our recipes. So, let’s get started with them!

The Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes You Can Try

Just follow these recipes, and you’ll have a healthy and delicious smoothie ready to drink by the time you’re done:

PB and Raspberry Smoothie

raspberry smoothie
Image by Zsuzsanna Toth from Pixabay

Up first is a healthy smoothie that’s safe even for diabetics. It combines raspberries with peanut butter to form a delicious mixture that tastes like PB&J. It’s also easy to make, which is a big bonus. If you’re interested in making this, here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Use ⅔ cups of any milk of your choice.
  • A single tbsp of honey.
  • A tablespoon of smooth peanut butter.
  • A cup of fresh raspberries.
  • 4 ice cubes.

That’s all you need to add for the primary ingredients. For those that want a unique taste and more benefits, adding avocados, bananas, or yogurt into the mixture is also an option. Other than all of those, there’s one (optional) ingredient missing.

If you want your smoothie to give you more protein and lots of other nutrients, you must also add a bit of protein powder. Get some raspberry protein shake mix from a reliable brand and add two scoops. Now blend it all, and you’re done!

Mangoes and Oats Smoothie

Mango smoothie
Image by Imo Flow from Pixabay

There aren’t many things more refreshing than a fresh mango on a hot summer day. If you’re looking to get an energetic and convenient drink that can fill you up, this smoothie mixture of mangoes and oats is one of the best options. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare it:

  • Around ⅔ cups of milk. (Preferably almond)
  • 3-4 almonds.
  • 16 grams of oats.
  • ⅔ cups of yogurt.
  • A tablespoon of honey.
  • 2 fresh mangoes.

We also recommend adding some mango-flavored protein powder. While this isn’t necessary, it can add extra nutrients to your shake. Moving on, this is a bit trickier than the last option. First of all, heat the milk in a pan and add oats in. 

Let this cook for a few minutes before taking the pan off the stove and adding honey into the mix. Now cut some mango slices and grab the almonds. Put all of these things into the blender. Then add two scoops of the protein powder if you want. Now mix in the blender, and it’s done.

Coffee and Fruit Smoothie

coffee smoothie
Image by LyraBelacqua-Sally from Pixabay

Coffee is another great way of getting a much-needed dose of energy for the day. But, sometimes, it’s not an option on the table. If that’s the case and you’re craving the taste of coffee, this smoothie is a good option for you. Here are the ingredients you’ll need for it:

  • A cup of milk.
  • A quarter cup of cold coffee or a tablespoon of dried coffee.
  • One frozen banana OR half of a frozen avocado.
  • Optional: ½ tablespoons of cocoa powder. This can provide extra flavor.

As with all the other options, protein powder is a good choice if you want additional nutrition in this smoothie. We recommend getting coffee or chocolate-flavored options as they’ll match the taste.

Once you have all of these things, just put them inside a blender once they’re ready. Now mix until it’s done and there aren’t any lumps of fruit or protein powder on the surface. After that, it’ll be prepared for you to drink.

Banana and Walnut Smoothie

You can also try this mixture of dry fruits and fruits if you’re looking for a healthy smoothie that packs a nutritional punch. It mainly features bananas and walnuts, but there are other ingredients too. That said, here’s what they are and how many of them you’ll need:

  • ⅔ cups of milk. (Preferably unsweetened)
  • Half a cup of water. (Preferably coconut water)
  • Half of a medium-sized banana.
  • Three tablespoons’ worth of walnuts.
  • 2 pitted dates.
  • A cup of ice.

For those that want an extra bit of nutrition in their smoothies, protein powder is once again a good option. We recommend trying out banana-flavored options in this case because they’ll go well with the recipe.

As for the process, preparing this smoothie is very simple. Just grab all the ingredients, put them in a blender, and mix until they’re done. That’s all you need to do to get this shake ready for serving.

Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Coladas are excellent energy sources because everyone pumps up after drinking a few. This next smoothie is an excellent alternative to those drinks because it features the same flavors but a healthier twist. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to prepare it:

  • ½ cups of water. (Coconut water is optional)
  • ⅔ cup of pineapple cubes.
  • ¼ of a large coconut. (Optional if you’ve already used coconut water)
  • Half a cup of ice cubes.
  • 1-2 scoops of tropical-flavored protein powder.

We’ve listed the protein powder in this shake and the rest of the ingredients because it’s essential this time. Without it, the smoothie won’t be healthy enough to drink, so we highly recommend that you add it into the mix. 

The pineapple and protein powder will mix to provide many essential nutrients, including various vitamins. Shove them in a blender and blend them until they’re ready to drink once you have all these ingredients ready. 

Bananas and Oats Smoothie

banana smoothie
Image by ImagesBG from Pixabay

Previously, we listed a smoothie mixture of mainly mangoes and oats. This is generally the same idea, but with the bananas replacing mangoes for those who prefer that. It’s a protein-filled drink that can give you lots of energy, and here’s what you need for it:

  • A cup of milk
  • 1 medium-sized banana.
  • ½ cups of oats.
  • A single tablespoon of powdered cinnamon.
  • 1.5 tbsps of honey.

For those that want an extra bit of flavor along with the cinnamon, adding a little bit of turmeric into the mix is also an option. You can also use banana-flavored protein powder as a more nutritional alternative. It’ll taste well with the ingredients and provide lots of benefits.

Add all the ingredients into a blender and pour two scoops of the protein powder if you want to. Now blend it and wait for it to mix before serving thoroughly.

Strawberry and Peach Smoothie

Peaches and strawberries gel well together to form a delicious mixture, which this smoothie proves. If you’ve got a sweet tooth but want something healthy and nutritious to satisfy it, we recommend trying out this great option. Here’s what you need to get it ready:

  • 2 cups of milk. (Preferably 2% milk)
  • 8-10 medium-sized strawberries.
  • A cup full of sliced peaches.
  • 2 tbsps of honey.
  • Only ¼ cups of orange juice.

Those are the main ingredients you’ll need for this delicious smoothie. You can also get peach or strawberry-flavored protein powder, depending on which taste you prefer more for extra nutritional value. If you can find a mixture of both, that would be preferable.

Mix them in a blender once you have all these things and wait for the smoothie to form. You can wait for it to chill after this, or you can serve it while it’s fresh if the ingredients were cold, to begin with.


Those are the best healthy smoothie recipes we have to share with you for now! Try out any of those if you’re looking to freshen up and lose weight by avoiding entire meals in the morning or other times of the day. 

For those who want to do both but don’t want to struggle to prepare the smoothies we mentioned, meal replacement shakes are a great option. They’re straightforward to make, help you lose weight, and can do the job of a healthy smoothie for you.

But for now, that’s all we have to share. Try any of the recipes we mentioned, or go with meal replacement shakes if they sound more tempting to you. Either way, we hope you enjoy these delicious and healthy treats.

Featured Image by silviarita from Pixabay