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10 Tips to Follow When Buying a Folding Electric Bike

10 Tips to Follow When Buying a Folding Electric Bike
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

When buying an electric bike, one is looking for comfort and an excellent riding experience. Apart from being attractive, these motor-assisted bicycles have invaded cities because of their utility and eco-friendliness.

Finding the perfect electric bike for yourself can be a bit daunting. Numerous factors require your reflection before making the final decision. We are going to briefly outline a few key aspects that will narrow down your search and help in making the right choice:

Decide a Budget

A good electric bike doesn’t come cheap. Whether you pick a basic model or a high-end one, you have to see whether it satisfies all your requirements or not. Any bike that comes with a strong motor, a good-quality frame, and functional brakes is expensive.

When you purchase an e-bike, the major determinant of the price is the motor. A strong motor means that the e-bike is going to perform better and last longer. Entry-level bike models lack comfort and durability and are also heavier. If you take a look at this e-bike site, you can find a plethora of styles or designs that may fit your needs.

Reflect on Your Requirements

Each electric bike is designed differently and comes with distinct features. It is the buyer who prioritizes one feature over the other, depending on his personal needs. Some bikes are more comfortable, while others offer great performance.

If you need to cover long distances, choose a stronger battery that will last for long hours. If you prefer comfort, then choose a step-through frame. To realize which features matter to you, you have to understand your personal needs.

Look for Support and Warranties

An electric bike is a big investment, and buying it from a reputable retailer is the right thing to do. Buying an established brand will allow you access to any after-sales help, support, and warranties you may need.

Choosing a high-end brand will not only guarantee quality but is also likely to provide good customer support. A good brand provides a warranty for individual parts, and the length of the warranty indicates the high quality of the product and the company’s standard.

Battery Life

Battery power
Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

The battery is the most valuable component of an e-bike. The most influential factor in a battery is the quality of the cells, and it is reflected in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Most electric bikes that have quality use lithium-based batteries. If looked after, this battery is going to last for 3 to 5 years. However, keep in mind that a lithium-based battery deteriorates with time even if not used.

Range of the Bike

The most common question about an electric bike is how far it will go in a single charge? The answer to this question varies because of several factors. The rider’s weight, tire pressure, temperature, wind, and hilly terrains all determine the battery life.

The same bike range can vary from 30 km to 100 km, depending on the riding conditions. However, certain specifications should look out for, like motor size, motor type, and battery capacity, when determining the range of the e-bike.

Power of the Motor

There are so many motor variables available in electric bikes that it isn’t practical to get into details. One has to ride the bike to check the performance of the motor. It also helps in becoming acquainted with the feel of the bike.

We use Watts(W) to quote the power of the motor. The higher is the power of the motor, the more powerful the bike will be. However, this will reduce the range of the bike as big motors utilize more juice.

Comfort while Riding

If you don’t feel comfortable while riding your bike, likely, you are not going to use it often. Some people prefer riding in an upright position, while others choose to ride it as a traditional bike in which the rider is leaning forward.

The best way to find out your comfort level is to try different bikes. Even minute changes in the geometry of the bike can alter the riding experience of the rider.

Weight of the Electric Bike

Because of the added weight of the motor, it is hard to find a light-weight electric bike. Even if you come across one, you will have to compromise on the electric bike’s power and range.

A full-sized electric bike weighs 50 to 60 pounds, including the motor’s weight and the battery. If the bike’s weight is a major concern, you can go with a folding electric bike, which is compact and light in weight.


When it comes to safety, it is better to buy an e-bike from an established brand. The odds are that these bikes have been tested to conform to the standards of safety in your country.

If in doubt, ask the retailer about the safety certification of the bike. A good indicator of safety is that even the bike components belong to big brand names, so there is no doubt about the bike’s quality.

Test Riding Different Bikes

Try out different e-bikes
Image by Maxfoot from Pixabay

Before you make any decision, you have to test different bikes. As you try an electric bike, you put aside reviews and specifications and have only one question in mind: “Do I love this bike?”

If you really like the riding experience and the bike’s overall performance satisfies you, then there is no way you should choose other fat tyre bikes


Electric bikes are not some toys but proper means of transportation. Research the brand well and consider the quality of the bike before making a purchase. Give a read to the reviews available online and try to buy locally.

Buying an electric bike is not just about costs and risks. It also brings plenty of benefits. The bikes not only provide quick and cheap travel but are also suitable for the environment. 

Featured Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels