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What Are the Consequences of Construction Accidents?

What are the consequences of construction accidents?
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Construction work is a dangerous job, and people are killed on sites every day. There are many repercussions that can result from construction accidents ranging anywhere from minor cuts and bruises, fractured limbs, and brain injuries to death. 

A construction site accident can be economically devastating to a person or their family. According to the website personalinjurylawyersbronx.com, workers may be permanently disabled and may need special equipment and medical care for the rest of their lives. The sad part is that many of these accidents could be prevented by simply following OSHA’s rules. Training programs such as the OSHA 10 training courses offered by 360 Training are an ideal way to train workers to identify and correct workplace hazards before they can cause an injury.

There are a few common types of injuries and consequences of construction accidents.

Typical Accidents

Caught in-between accidents happen often at construction sites. This happens when a person is caught between, squeezed, or crushed by a piece of equipment and another object. 

Electrocution is also common on construction sites. It is often the result of unsafe conditions, such as failing to test the equipment or provide proper electrical strips and cord protectors.

Construction workers spend a good amount of their time with their feet off the ground. They often have to work on roofs and high scaffolding. Therefore, fall accidents are common. Personal protective equipment generally will not help when taking a fall from several stories high. Construction sites do not always take the proper precautions for falls. 

Objects often strike workers and passers-by on construction sites. Sometimes cranes lose their loads, and in other cases, tools fall from great heights.


Typical types of injuries that result from construction accidents include burns and electrocution. Eye injuries are very common, and so are accidents that cause blindness. 

Toxic chemicals are often used on construction sites, and inhaling them can cause permanent lung damage. Being hit by a falling object can cause brain injury. 

Broken bones are typical results of falls and caught in-between accidents. Concussions and brain injuries are also very common. The operation of heavy equipment can result in neck and back problems. 


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When a person dies in a construction accident, their family will often sue the construction company for wrongful death. This can be harder than it sounds because construction companies have many contractors and subcontractors. 

If you are considering a wrongful death suit, you will want to do your research to determine the name of the company that your loved one worked for. You only have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida. You must be the parent, child, or spouse of the decedent to file such a suit. 

When a person is injured in a construction accident and is a construction worker, they can file for Workers Compensation. They should report the accident to their immediate supervisor and go to the doctor immediately.

In some instances, a construction company may try to get out of a Worker’s Compensation claim. In other cases, the insurance company that provides the worker’s comp insurance may not want to pay for the particular accident. If this happens, the injured party will often get an attorney to represent them.

If the construction company was negligent and knew about problems but failed to correct them, there might be some rare cases in which a worker would be able to sue them.

Regulatory Boards

When contractors do poor work or have an unsafe site, you can complain to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation in Florida. A person can also complain to The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. 

Maintaining a shoddy construction site might save money and time in the short-term. However, not looking after the well-being of your employees can have grave and expensive consequences.

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