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Adding Detail to Your Diamonds Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
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Adding Detail to Your Diamonds Engagement Ring; Different Basket Setting Engagement Ring

Since everyone’s style and aesthetic preference are different, it isn’t easy to choose the right engagement or wedding ring for your partner. If you are like me, you will settle for the colorless, perfect, and flawless diamond for your ring. 

However, if you are more of a technical person, you will try to control the diamond shape or in what setting the diamond is placed on your ring. We are not saying it’s a bad thing; it is one of the essential elements while choosing the perfect diamond ring. 

Engagement Ring
Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

Unarguably, diamonds are expensive, and we do everything in our power to make sure that the crystal on our ring is secure enough. With so many settings available for the rings and given our lifestyle, we must choose the right cut to ensure our 1.5 carat diamond is safe and looking stunning at the same time. 

Although there are various settings for engagement rings, prong, and basket setting are the most popular. 

What Is Basket Setting?

Basket setting and prong setting are somewhat similar. In basket setting, 4-6 prongs ascend from the base of the metal band for the stone to settle. Along with it, it has increasingly flat prongs that make a ‘basket’ shape, which fortifies the overall setting and adds elegance to the design. 

If you often knock your rings off handles or snag them on clothing, basket setting might be the perfect pick for you. 

Here are some examples of basket setting engagement rings that are unique and innovative. 

Different Basket Setting Engagement Rings

Basket settings rings are available as accented designs or simple solitaires. The accented style boasts round-cut nexus diamond accents in shared prong settings. In this style, the metal needed to set the stone is less, which is why the band seems daintier. 

The solitaire style rings have a subtle knife-edge on the shank, which makes the ring appear slimmer and keep its durability and strength. 

Since both the styles have lower-profile basket settings, it makes the rings durable and straightforward. Also, the design allows the maximum amount of light to enter, so the diamond sparkles brightly. 

The basket setting engagement rings are available in eight stone cuts:

1. Cushion

If you are more into vintage style than modern, cushion cut rings might be the right choice for you. With an antique flair paired with a soft, romantic shape, this style makes stunning yet classic rings.

The cushion rings come in either rectangular or square shape with the puffy appearance and rounded corners. However, you cannot find cushion-cut rings in every local store. So, you might have to struggle a bit to find your choice of cushion ring. 

2. Round

Engagement Ring
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The round cut rings exude elegance, class, and sparkle as well! This cut type is traditional, but at the same time, it is equally popular. 

If you are looking for something timeless and classy, round cut rings are the ones for you as they are also a symbol of commitment. These diamonds boast a uniform and symmetrical shape. 

Round cut diamond sparkles in the light, ensuring all eyes are on this magnificent ring.   

3. Princess

Despite the square cut, princess cut diamonds are famous for incredible shine and grace. Beautiful, trendy, and angelic are what describe this cut appropriately. 

This diamond cut is one of the most popular shapes and makes a perfect engagement ring. If you want a modern yet affordable diamond, the princess cut is ideal for you. 

4. Emerald

Did you remember Beyonce’s engagement ring from Jay Z? That was 18-carat stunning emerald-cut diamond, which surely wooed everyone. 

If you are a fan of a classically shaped ring with a huge sparkly diamond, this is the perfect ring style for you. The cut, shape, and form of this setting are exquisite, making a statement.  

Wearing this huge stone on your fingers will scream – ‘nothing but the best!’

5. Oval

Oval cut style of engagement rings offers a romantic and feminine appeal, unlike other diamond cuts. The fascinating sparkle of modern oval cut designs is genuinely unique, working wonderfully in vintage rings that are both simple and sophisticated.

The elegant oval-shaped engagement ring boasts a breath-taking design indeed. You can even join by multiple diamonds that only adds to the elegance of this beautiful cut. We bet oval cut rings will surely bring the missing sparkle to your life. 

6. Pear

Pear-shaped diamonds are one of only two forms of rocks that are not vertically and horizontally symmetrical.

Pear cut diamonds are unique shapes with a point at the top and a stylish curve at the bottom. They can be long and thin, or shorter and plump. They are beautiful, elegant, and relatively rare.

So, if you want your ring to stand out, pear cut diamond rings would be a good pick. 

7. Asscher

Asscher diamond cut is an octagonal diamond boasting a square shape and layered facets. It has a deep pavilion and a high crown, providing shine and its signature appeal.

It is the perfect pick for someone who wants a traditional ring with a modern twist. 

8. Radiant

Radiant diamond cut is one of the most beautiful and unique cuts, which will only make you look more beautiful on your wedding day. These diamonds are shiny, rectangular stones with clipped corners. 

This cut goes well with almost every ring design. So, if you are confused about which cut to buy, you can pick a radiant cut. 

Wrapping Up

Your entire ring design depends on the ring setting. Make sure you select the perfect engagement ring that fits your style just right, keeping in mind your preference fashion. 

If you have a busy lifestyle or work more with your hands, basket setting might be the right choice for you. Whether you opt for a vintage or antique diamond ring, or one with a modern twist, you can never go wrong with a big diamond sitting in a basket setting.  

The above inspirations of basket settings are perfect if you want your engagement ring to be the ideal pick.