Home Advice Is it acceptable to use essay writing services while in college?

Is it acceptable to use essay writing services while in college?

essay writing services while in college

Recently, the world has witnessed the birth of essay writing services that have spread all over the realm of the internet. These are companies or agencies that dedicate themselves to the writing of custom essays for students. This kind of activity has raised many questions related to its efficiency and effectiveness. The present essay zooms in on the acceptability of the use of essay writing services and on the main 5 criteria of trustworthy essay writing services.

The question of whether or not college students should use essay writing services is open to different opinions and conversations. Some would associate the use of essay writing services with laziness on the part of students. Hence, they consider the use of such services as an unethical habit that reflects nothing but the reluctance of the students who do not want to assume their responsibility when it comes to homework. This association is a mere judgment and a personal opinion that does not represent the whole truth about the issue. This negative view towards the use of college essay writing services emanates from a strong belief in personal efforts that a student should invest in their academic career in order to advance through pure individual efforts.

On the other hand, another category of people holds a tremendously different view towards college essay writing service. Such a view is moderate and flexible. In that, it gives room to its use and corroborates it, provided that some conditions are omnipresent. The main condition for the use of the very services is that there should be a valid reason that legitimates the resort to online custom essays. Therefore, in case the student is undertaking a side job while studying at college, and they have no time to do their college essay as homework, there is no harm in seeking some professional writer to write their essay for them in a timely manner. Similarly, if the student is sick and unable to fulfill their essay writing assignment, they could resort to an online essay writing company. In both cases, the student is not pictured as that lazy student who does not want to write for no valid reason. As long as the reason behind not writing is reasonable and logical enough, the use of a college essay writing service should be acceptable. It should be admitted that some students are not honest with themselves; thus, they would pretend that they are sick so that they do not make an effort and write an academic paper, which is unethical towards themselves. Be it as it may, a college student who is not able to write a college essay is not something that one could encourage. Hence, the skill of essay writing should be developed and improved throughout my college years. It wouldn’t be good to indulge in the habit of ordering essays online without making a minimum of effort to improve such a skill.

Accordingly, the line of demarcation between the two views is remarkable. One says that students should not use college essay writing services; the other one supports their use with some valid conditions that justify the very use and render it ethically acceptable. The first view seems to be too much removed from reality. The fact that we do not live in a utopian world reflects that the applicability of this view seems difficult. Conversely, the second view seems logical in the sense that today’s college years have become more difficult to handle due to the number of money students should pay as university fees, rent, and other expenses. This leads many students to seek side jobs, which prevents them from fulfilling their homework requirements.

Top 5 criteria of a trustworthy essay writing service

As seeking essay writing services has become a norm among college students, understanding how to choose the right one should be a must, in order to guarantee high quality and success. Trusting an online writing company seems to be a difficult task that should be handled with care. There is a wide variety of criteria that feature a trustworthy essay writing service. The following are 5 characteristics that reflect the extent to which a writing service could be said to be trustworthy.

High Quality

I, personally, would not call a college essay writing service trustworthy unless it has always provided me with high-quality research papers and college essays that respond to my instructions. First of all, one has to pay money to get a custom essay, so they would expect a neat paper that contains no flaws. In addition, a college essay requires a higher degree of attention from the professional writers of online writing companies, which would satisfy the client—the student.

Fast Delivery

fast delivery

Among the main reasons behind ordering a custom college essay from an essay writing service, we find time restriction. Due to the short time, students would seek experts who would handle their writing tasks instead. Thus, the student, in this context, would expect them to deliver the assignment before the deadline, otherwise, they would fail. A company that respects time restrictions that students go through is really trustworthy because it solves the student’s problem in a timely manner, which is what is needed.

Fulfilled Requirements

It is not enough to receive a high-quality essay that is delivered fast by a writing company. Indeed, the essay written by professional writers should fulfill the requirements of the very essay question; otherwise, it would be a mere irrelevant essay that drifts away from the main issue. That’s why when the student includes some notes and questions in the form while they apply to order an essay, they should not be overlooked.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Not every essay ordering operation goes as smoothly as the other ones. There must always be some issues related to problems of delivery time, quality, revision, and so on. For this reason, a trustworthy essay writing service is one that gives its clients a refund as agreed. Otherwise, students might not come back again to the same company if they do not benefit from the money-back guarantee that the company claims to offer. The trustworthiness of a writing service manifests itself in the honesty and fairness towards its clients.

Plagiarism-Free Content

One of the major problems related to custom essays is the issue of plagiarism. Absolutely, one could not perceive a college essay writing service as trustworthy if it provides students with the same content given to other clients previously. Plagiarism is a serious issue in academia. It leads to failure and possibly to court suits. Therefore, it should be kept at bay through the verification that the work delivered to the students is unique and contains all the necessary references in order not to create problems for them later on.

To conclude, the acceptability of college essay writing services lends itself to different perceptions and opinions. The best option seems to be the one that supports the use of the services provided that valid reasons do really exist. Additionally, the 5 criteria dealt with above do capture the silhouette of a trustworthy writing service in the best fashion.

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