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4 Worst Things You Could Do After Being Implicated in a Car Accident

car accident
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4 Worst Things You Could Do After Being Implicated in a Car Accident

Car accidents happen all the time and can range from benign to catastrophic. In either case, there is a protocol that needs to be followed, and committing a mistake here could lead to legal issues later on. Still, many people don’t understand what steps should be taken after an accident. Whether you’re a victim or think you might be responsible, you must know what these are. You also need to avoid mistakes if you’re in the process of seeking a claim. Let’s take a look at some of the worst things you can do after being implicated in a car accident.

car accident
Photo by Matt Chesin on Unsplash

Fleeing the Scene

This is the absolute worst thing you could do, and you may be tried criminally if you do so in certain cases, even if it looks minor. If you have hit, bumped, or scratched a vehicle in any way, you have to get out and exchange personal and insurance information. If you don’t, this is considered a hit and run.

Admitting to Anything After a Car Accident

Another thing you should never do is admit even partial responsibility for the accident. You have no idea what the other person was doing that might’ve caused the accident. Even if you were a bystander and did something you shouldn’t have done, it’s the job of the court and your legal team to determine who truly was responsible for the accident. 

Settling without Representation

This is another extremely important point. Contact your accident attorney right away to help you deal with the situation. If you feel like you’re the victim, not only should you never settle an offer made by an insurance company before talking to a solicitor, but you shouldn’t answer any of the questions adjusters or insurance companies will ask without representation. The sole and main goal of adjusters is to make sure that you get the least compensation possible if any. They will try everything they can to unload responsibility onto you or cheat you by giving you a low-ball offer. 

Instead, we suggest you speak with people like Smith Jones Solicitors. Clients have been reporting excellent service from Smith Jones Solicitors for years, and they have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. They know every trick in the book and will help you tell whether an offer is good or should be renegotiated. They will also have no issue taking the issue to court if need be and won’t charge you unless you win, which is essential.

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Neglecting Care

If you’re the party seeking damages, you cannot ignore the advice and treatment given to you by your doctor. You also shouldn’t delay your visit or miss appointments. These are all things that could work against you during your case. Remember, the goal is to show how much you were affected by the accident, so if you ignore treatments or don’t go to appointments, it will diminish your claims. You also need to visit a doctor as soon as possible, even if you show no initial symptoms. Some issues only show up later on, so it’s better to see a doctor as soon as possible and do some follow up if symptoms aggravate.

Whether you are currently seeking damages or simply want to be better prepared for the future, make sure that you keep those few points close to mind. Also, make sure that you have the legal side in order if you want to get the compensation you’re entitled to.