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Tips for Increasing Your Fertility Levels when You Want to Become a Father

Increasing Your Fertility Levels
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

Tips for Increasing Your Fertility Levels when You Want to Become a Father

It might seem like having a baby is as simple as having plenty of sex, but in reality, many couples often find challenges arise when they try to conceive. Men sometimes have low fertility levels that make creating a child difficult. If you want to increase your chances of welcoming a baby into the world, it pays to be aware of some of the things you can do for Increasing Your Fertility Levels.

Increasing Your Fertility Levels
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

Lose Weight and Exercise More

If you’ve put on a few pounds over recent years or found yourself too busy to be active, it’s time for a change. Being overweight is believed to affect both the quality and quantity of sperm, which will reduce your ability to father a child. Exercising will help you shed a bit of unwanted weight and make you healthier, which should lead to improved or increased sperm count. 

Stress Less

We all know that stress doesn’t feel good but note, too, that it can impair your fertility. Severe stress can limit sperm production, making it harder to impregnate your partner. It may also increase abnormal sperm and reduce the concentration of sperm. Having a lot on your plate and not effectively dealing with challenges can lower your libido, too. Plus, stress tends to affect relationships. As a result, you may find that your partner’s sex drive diminishes, and neither of you feels as connected as you need to want to have sex regularly. Look for ways to keep stress in check, so you don’t have to deal with such consequences. 

Eat Well

To be at your best and increase sperm count and quality naturally, you should also be eating as healthily as possible. The best bet is to focus on eating plenty of good-quality foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and limiting the highly-processed and otherwise unhealthy ones. However, there are also some items worth increasing your consumption to boost fertility.

For instance, eat plenty of foods high in sperm-friendly nutrients. Look for items with significant vitamin C levels, beta-carotene, antioxidants, and polyunsaturated fats (including omega-3 and omega-6). For instance, chow down on citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, peppers, leafy greens, pumpkin, carrots, salmon, avocado, eggs, walnuts, and tofu.

Add Supplements 

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Many of us supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium, fish oil, zinc, and folate are wildly popular, with the latter regularly recommended for couples trying to get pregnant. However, did you know that specific testosterone boosters you can buy to help improve male fertility? Women typically take prenatal vitamins to get their bodies ready for conception, but men can also do their part to help create a healthy embryo. Start taking supplements around six months before you want to begin trying for a baby to promote potent, mobile, healthy sperm. 

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is also essential to improving fertility. When we’re not getting sufficient sleep, not only do we not feel great, but our bodies can’t perform at their best, either. As you’d imagine, the same goes for sperm and related fertility factors. To boost your sperm quality, try to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If you struggle with getting to or staying asleep, create bedtime rituals to help you unwind. For instance, go to bed at roughly the same time each night, don’t look at your computer, phone, or TV screens right before bed; ensure your mattress is comfortable and you’re not too hot or cold, and avoid caffeine late in the day. 

Cool Down

For sperm production to occur and for you to have the best quality sperm possible, your core temperature needs to be optimal, and your testicles should stay cool. This need is a prime reason why they hang outside of your body in the first place – they need to stay at least a little cooler than the rest of you.

To promote fertility, avoid doing things that will overheat your testes and, in turn, interfere with sperm production. For example, don’t wear tight underwear, and limit the amount of time you spend in steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs. Don’t sit with a laptop or other heat-producing device on your lap for long periods. If you work in a hot environment, take breaks outside or in cooled zones often to lower your temperature. 

Increasing Your Fertility Levels

These are just some of the steps you can take to boost your fertility levels. Other suggestions include getting enough sunlight, ditching bad habits like smoking, drinking excessively, taking drugs, and checking whether the medicines you take negatively impact fertility.