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Review of VitaFLUX and VitaFLUX for Women

Review of VitaFLUX and VitaFLUX for Women
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Almost everyone is familiar with taking vitamins for our general health, but what about taking vitamins for our sexual health? This is an aspect of our health that is quite often completely overlooked by many individuals. But why is this? Sexual health is incredibly important, and a decline in sexual health can significantly impact our overall sense of well-being. Prioritizing sexual health is a smart move, regardless of your age or lifestyle. 

Today, we’re going to look at two products from Promescent: VitaFlux and VitaFLUX for women. These supplements can provide a wide range of health benefits that aren’t just limited to sexual health. The truth is that sexual health is linked with virtually every other aspect of our health. When you improve your general health, you automatically improve your sexual health. When you focus on improving your sexual health, your general health improves as a result. The two aspects have a close relationship with one another, and that’s why it’s so important to prioritize both in equal measure. 

In this review, we’ll cover all the various aspects of VitaFLUX, including the ingredients, the results, and every other aspect of these supplements that might be interesting to you. By the end of this review, you’ll have enough information to make an informed, balanced decision about whether you want to try it out for yourself. 


VitaFLUX is a convenient daily supplement designed to increase performance, libido, and overall energy levels. Intended for men, this product also boosts testosterone levels. Those suffering from erectile dysfunction will be happy to learn that VitaFLUX also shows strong potential when dealing with this issue. Also, VitaFLUX is designed to improve circulation and recovery. 

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The science behind this product is quite impressive. The supplement boosts nitric oxide levels, which subsequently increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Besides improving erection strength, VitaFLUX also provides several overall health benefits associated with lower blood pressure and increased blood flow. Make no mistake. This is much more than your average supplement. Additional benefits include increased energy throughout the day, which might even cause you to kick that caffeine habit! You can also use this product to lower cholesterol levels and manage Type 2 diabetes. Further evidence shows that VitaFLUX may also be helpful for athletes who are attempting to recover from injuries. 

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Ingredients include L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine, Zinc, and Magnesium. As previously stated, these ingredients are primarily designed to increase your body’s natural nitric oxide production. Taking this supplement is easy. All you need to do is take three capsules in the morning and three capsules at night. Most users experience results within a few days of taking the supplement, but it can take up to 90 days to experience the full force of VitaFLUX’s benefits. 

VitaFLUX for Women

Promescent also sells an entirely separate product called VitaFLUX for Women. As you might have guessed, this product is intended for use by women. The ingredients are very similar, but the effects on women are quite different. Many women report having stronger orgasms after taking VitaFLUX for women. This has to do with the same basic scientific principle as the “normal” VitaFLUX supplement – increased circulation. Like its counterpart, VitaFLUX for women increases nitric oxide levels, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. This is what intensifies orgasms for women and assists with natural lubrication production. 

Additional benefits include reduced pain during intercourse, something many women struggle with. There is also evidence to suggest that VitaFLUX for Women helps with vaginal elasticity. Again, this all has to with increased blood flow. Perhaps most importantly, the product helps women with issues of declining libido and sex drive. Unfortunately, many women out there have virtually no desire for sexual intercourse, which can cause significant relationships and overall mood. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with age, either. Some women are born having a virtually non-existent sex drive, which can be distressing and confusing. Addressing this issue with supplements like VitaFLUX has been a successful choice for many women. 

Final Verdict

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Supplements like VitaFLUX are a favorable choice in several ways. First of all, it’s an easy and convenient way to address any potential issues. VitaFLUX is not invasive or extensive, like many other treatment plans or methods. Choosing supplements with natural ingredients is also a solid plan if you want to approach this situation safely. It’s reassuring to hear that Promescent prioritizes safety more than any other aspect of its business, and VitaFLUX is a reflection of this core value. 

VitaFLUX is an excellent choice in more ways than one. Although addressing sexual health issues is undoubtedly essential, you can also use this product to deal with a range of other general health problems, like Type 2 Diabetes or high cholesterol levels. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

What is Promescent?

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The company behind VitaFLUX and VitaFLUX for Women is Promescent. This company has a wide range of different products, including contraceptives, massage oils, supplements, lubricants, and more. According to Promescent, being intimate with another person should be pleasurable, stress-free, empowering, discreet, and safe. Promescent employs a range of qualified medical professionals on their medical review team. These include social psychologists, relationship experts, urology professors, stress-management specialists, and more. For more information on VitaFLUX products or to place an order, you may click here.

Final Thoughts

Making a positive choice for your sexual health doesn’t need to feel shameful or frivolous. Sexual health is very important, and it can impact more than just your physical well-being. Those suffering from declining sexual health are often struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mood-related issues. Feeling unsure about our sexual health can make us feel inadequate, and it can even cause us to avoid having relationships with people. This is one area of your life that you need to address, and something as simple as a supplement can make all the difference. 

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