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Promescent Delay Spray Review

Promescent Delay Spray
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Promescent Delay Spray Review

According to research, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual setback among men, with around 30% having the problem globally. Some of the common triggers linked to premature ejaculation are relationship and emotional distress. Are you one of them and seeking to take upgrade your bedroom game? Then Promescent Delay Spray is what you should go for. If you are looking to last longer in bed and build confidence around your sexual life, Promescent spray will help you a lot. The spray drug, which is clinically proven, will make your sex long-lasting and more enjoyable.

Promescent Delay Spray
Photo provided by promescent.com

What is Promescent Spray?

If you have premature ejaculation issues, the Promescent spray will help you in so many ways. Basically, Promescent spray is an OTC (over-the-counter) desensitizing spray that will eliminate premature ejaculation. It does so by reducing the sensitivity of the penis, slowing down the process of ejaculation temporarily. It is used to prolong sexual intercourse for men. Promescent contains at least 10 milligrams of lidocaine in each of its sprays. Lidocaine is a form of anesthetic that produces a numbing effect. This is, by far, the most preferred anesthetic by medical practitioners. If you tried other forms of premature ejaculation treatments and wasn’t successful, Promescent will be an ideal alternative for you.

How Does Promescent Work?

This over-the-counter drug works by absorbing the penis’s skin to access nerves that are responsible for triggering ejaculation. The spray does so through numbing those particular nerves, which delays ejaculation. Promescent should be sprayed to the penis at least 10 minutes before sex. The reason behind that is that it allows Promescent to dissolve into the penis and get the nerves numb. It also ensures that the spray does not transfer to the man’s partner and affects their sensitivity. Depending on the dosage, the effects of Promescent spray can last up to an hour. You can adjust the dosage of Promescent according to your sensitivity levels and preferences. Give Promescent spray a try

Photo provided by promescent.com

Benefits of Promescent Spray

Promescent spray surely comes with a lot of benefits. To begin with, the spray uses a eutectic formula to allow for deeper penetrative absorption of the numbing effect into the nerves of the penis. This means that the spray does not sit on the skin’s surface. Instead, it goes just below the epidermis area where it works best. Created by the best urologist in the country, Promescent spray reduces the effects of premature ejaculation condition. The spray has minimal side effects; actually, you won’t feel any side effects unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients used in the product.

This spray is recommended by sex therapists, doctors, urologists, and physicians. It is a product that is supported by over 2200 urologists countrywide, with most of them offering it to their patients battling premature ejaculation. As a matter of fact, Promescent is the only PE drug in North America that has gone through an IRB certified clinical study to ascertain its effectiveness.

Can it transfer to your partner? No, Promescent spray won’t transfer to your partner if you follow the guidelines provided. It is also the only over-the-counter PE drug that has such reviews.

Once you have purchased it, this product does not need any doctor consultation or visit. Premature ejaculation is self-diagnosable, a man will be able to tell whether he is lasting in bed long enough to satisfy his partner. Trusted research and study has, however, shown that Promescent spray effectively delays ejaculation in most men with premature ejaculation problems.

Risks and Precautions

Just like it was mentioned earlier, Promescent spray is a premature ejaculation treatment that a man applies only to his penis. This way, it carries fewer risks and reduces the possibility of adverse reactions. There are, however, certain risks that could arise from using Promescent spray. They include irritation, rash, or an itching sensation. If you experience these effects after using the product, it is recommended that you get in touch with your doctor. Additionally, don’t use the product on irritated, sensitive, or broken skin. One study showed that if an individual has underlying health conditions like blood pressure, the drug could have a toxic effect on their sperm count, possibly reducing sperm motility, viability, and progression.

For individuals using Promescent Delay Spray, it is recommended that they only use it externally. Don’t use Promescent when you or your partner is allergic to topical anesthetics or lidocaine, or if your partner is pregnant. Similarly, if you have liver problems, you should contact your doctor before using Promescent spray. If you feel like premature ejaculation symptoms are persisting even after using Promescent, seek medical attention immediately. This might indicate that you have an underlying condition that needs medical attention. Meanwhile, enjoy your use of Promescent sprays!

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