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7 Helpful Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

7 Helpful Tools Every Entrepreneur Seeking Success Should Know About

Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get if they are to achieve success in their business endeavors. Failure to see and use these valuable tools can lead to a myriad of business inefficiencies and lackluster performance against competitors. Here are 7 helpful tools every entrepreneur seeking success should know about.

1. FreshBooks

Cash flow is a vital part of business success. You’d want to make it simple and efficient for your business to send invoices and for your clients to send their payments. FreshBooks is a software platform that enables quick creation of professional-style invoices.

2. WePay

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Another smart tool an entrepreneur should use to streamline payment acceptance for your business is through WePay. The payment-gateway platform is easy to set up and enables you to have the checkout process on your website. The company manages all of the compliance regulations and standards. There are no monthly fees for the service. In fact, it can draw in more profits because of the attractive next-day payment ability that WePay brings.

3. MailChimp

Generating leads and building your marketing list can be a labor-intensive process. Mail Chimp helps simplify the task by enabling you to collect opt-in email addresses and deploy updates to your marketing list all while tracking its performance. Compliance issues are very common when it comes to lead generation and online advertising, and Mail Chimp has you covered.

4. Shopify

Building a professional website that represents your brand online can be intimidating, especially for non-tech people. Shopify helps create websites for new eCommerce stores or integrate eCommerce to existing websites. Using Shopify, you can set up shop at events, pop-ups, or in a retail space.

5. AngelList

Capital can be hard to come by nowadays due to the recent global economic collapse. AngelList provides an easy-to-use social networking platform that connects startups with angel investors. The website also helps bridge communications between start-ups and people who wish to work at start-ups.

6. ZenDesk

A smart customer support infrastructure can improve client retention rate over time. ZenDesk enables you to generate inbound customer support tickets that manage all help and inquiry requests in any communications platform, from social media to phone calls. The service is offered with a 30-day no obligation trial period, so you can test out the waters before even getting the service on a monthly basis.

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